Man steals $1,000 of steaks in Rockville

An anniversary dinner took an awkward turn when a woman accidentally ordered a $300 steak - and her boyfriend's face said it all.

Daniela, who goes by@ikingdani on TikTok, shared a video to the platform she said was from her two-year anniversary.

According to Daniela, her partner suggested that she get the wagyu sirloin, but she mistakenly ordered an 8-ounce wagyu sirloin instead, bringing her meal's total to over #300.

"My plate was $312, and his was $48," the video's onscreen caption reads.

Within the video, Daniela's partner jokingly shook his head as he took out his bank card to pay for the food, which came out to $438.54 with tax.

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Throwback back to our 2 year anniversary #wagyu #sandiego #fypシ゚viral

Taking to the comments section of her video, Daniela said that she left the restaurant in tears, adding that her boyfriend held her hand and told her they "were going to laugh about it in a couple of months."

The steak also apparently wasn't worth the high price point.

"It was the 8 slices of wagyu and some tiny leaves on the side with salt," she wrote in a comment. "Trust me; it wasn't even good."

Viewers also shared their experiences of accidentally ordering meals that came at a hefty cost.

One person wrote: "Lmao least you ate the food, I once went out to an expensive restaurant and paid almost $400, and we didn't get full; we ate taco bell after."

"My buddy did this with bottle service at the club; he thought it would be like $100, he was like bottle only $60 at [the] store, $1200 for a patron," another added.

Others believed that the server should've clarified the price of the steak with Daniela before accepting the order.

"Nah, cause the server should [have] clarified that something that difference in price I would [have] been like "okay and just to let you know it's $300," a third wrote.

Why did the server not make sure[?] that seems like common sense. one person is ordering a 50 dollar plate and the other a 350 dollar plate," someone else agreed.

Still, some users voiced their opinion that Daniela should've contributed to at least part of the bill, with one writing: "Could've simply pressed split check."

Indy100 reached out to Daniela via TikTok comment.

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