Woman threw party when her stalker died and her friends say it was ‘super distasteful’

Woman threw party when her stalker died and her friends say it was ‘super distasteful’

A woman threw a “deathday party” to celebrate her stalker’s death and has since been branded “vile” by friends.

Turning to a popular Reddit forum for reassurance, she explained how she’d endured over a year’s worth of stalking from a man who started harassing her at work. It soon evolved into being stalked outside of work and him uninvitedly showing up at places she was at with friends.

She explained that she complained about the incidents to the cops but wasn’t taken seriously. This forced her to move apartments, switch jobs, get a new car and change her usual social settings.

After learning of her stalker’s death, she invited a handful of close friends around, where they “mostly we just hung out and had fun.”

“We had a fun party, it was mostly just an excuse to get some friends together and let loose, but a few things happened that I know people might find distasteful,” she said.

“We called it a ‘deathday party’ and toasted to that.”

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Word soon got out about the party and a wider social circle showed up who believed the celebration to be “super distasteful”, calling the host “vile” and “vindictive to take joy in that.”

“I might actually be suspended from the team because my coach thinks I’m representing the team and club badly,” she added.

An overwhelming majority jumped to the defence of the Redditor, saying she’s “not the a**hole for celebrating his death” but believed she shouldn’t have told people outside her trusted group, though.

“100% NTA. Who is the a**ole? The stalker jerkoff and the cops that didn’t take your complaints seriously,” one responded.

Another added, “I hate this idea people have that once someone dies they became this perfect and angelical figure, no longer guilty of any sin, unblameable from any emotional damage they leave behind.”

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