TikTok divided after mum reveals she only washes her baby’s reusable nappies once a week

A mother had divided opinion after revealing that she washes her baby’s reusable nappies once a week.

TikTok user @the.clarks, who goes by the name Kelsey, made the remark during a video in which she discussed her laundry process.

In the video, she said: “It is that time of the week where I wash my cloth diapers and yes I only wash them every six to seven days.”


now i just have to stuff them which is gonna take a few days lol #clothdiapers #clothdiaper #GEICOGiveHappy #FFXmasSwitch

Kelsey went on to talk about how she does two washes in the washing machine to clean the soiled reusable cloth nappies.

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She explained that the first wash is on the warm water setting, while the second uses hot water.

Her choice to save up the used nappies and wash them once a week has turned some heads, with one concerned person commenting: “Good God, that must stink to high heaven.”

Replying to the comment in another video, Kesley confirmed: “It stinks so bad when I dump it in the washer. Imagine piss and poop residue just sitting there for seven days.

“So yeah, it does stink, but the point is after I’m done washing and drying them, they don’t stink at all.”


Reply to @briarrose76 i didnt notice the p00p on the edge of the wetbag until i watched this back 😮‍💨 #clothdiaper #clothdiapers

Some in the comments remained sceptical, while others were pleased to find like-minded souls on TikTok.

One person wrote: “I love stumbling onto cloth diaper moms on Tiktok!”

Another asked: “But why keep them marinating? … Just wash them.”

Someone else agreed, writing: “Why wait seven days to do laundry?”

Well, at least she’s doing her bit for the environment.

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