Woman captures herself sleep talking about work meetings

Woman captures herself sleep talking about work meetings

A woman has left TikTok users in hysterics after seemingly putting in overtime as she sleeps.

Sabrina (@sabrinalodd) took to the platform with a screen recording of an app that monitors sleep quality. It tells users how many times they woke up in the night, and how many hours of rest they had. It also reveals whether a person sleep talks.

In the clip that's racked up almost half a million views, Sabrina can be heard speaking about work. "So, let me know if you need anything and, yeah, have a great day," she says at around 1.49am.

A few hours later, the TikToker goes back into work mode, saying: "Oh, hi. OK, have a great day everybody."

In the last snippet at 3.41am, Sabrina politely signs off an imaginary Zoom meeting, telling everyone "thank you."


client service voice and all💀

Inevitably, the TikTok was flooded with comments from fellow users who found Sabrina's upload hilarious.

"This is literally working overtime," one person wrote, while another added: "Touch basing in ur sleep."

A third joked that Sabrina deserved a bonus "because you're sleeping and still on the clock."

It didn't take long for some users to share their own experience with sleep talking.

One person shared: "My mom woke me up in the middle of the night once and my response was 'how can I help you?'"

Another wrote: "I’ll never forget my ex waked me up to tell me I asked him if he needed a receipt in my sleep"

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