Woman who dates married men claims it's 'not cheating'

Woman who dates married men claims it's 'not cheating'

A 28-year-old woman from Sydney claims dating married men "isn't cheating" and denying someone a "service" based on their relationship status is "discrimination."

Katija Cortez, an accountant turned sex worker, said she is more successful than most of the men she's met.

She told FEMAIL that it's "hard to say" how many married men she has been with over the last three years, and that she doesn't speak about relationships with them as it's a "mood killer."

Cortez estimated that around half of her clients are married or in relationships, adding that "it's hard to say for sure, because I'm sure a lot are in relationships that just don't bring it up. Other girls have told me that almost all of their clients are married."

When male clients do bring up their wives in conversation, she said most of them speak highly of their other halves.

"'I don't think I've ever had a client who is married that has ever spoken badly about their wife. The only ones who do ever show frustration with their partners are the ones going through messy divorces, but even then most of the time they will still speak very politely about their partner," she said, adding: "Denying a service to someone based on their relationship status would be considered discrimination in any other industry."

Cortez then said she doesn't "like to call it cheating" when a married man visits her "because there aren't any romantic feelings involved."

"They come to me because they want to laugh, be held, and be pleasured," she added.

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