Woman spends £36,000 upfront on rent and people are baffled

Social media were left baffled after a TikToker admitted to putting down a whopping £36,000 upfront on 12 months rent – and only lived in the property for half of the time.

The clip titled “wish I was joking” has since racked up almost 700,000 views and has been inundated with confused TikTok users as to why the TikToker didn’t use the lump sum as a house deposit.

In a follow-up clip, Brit (@2.britt) explained how she was renting in Alderly Edge in Cheshire – one of the most expensive areas in the country. She later decided to move somewhere else because it was “too Tory” for her.

“We got the money back for the months that we didn’t live there, so, it’s all good but still, like, who does that? Me,” she added.

One TikTok user commented, “That’s a house deposit on a house”, while another reiterated, “Surely that’s enough for a down payment?”

The 20-year-old took to the comments to clear up her “learning curve.”

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wish i was joking 🤡 aha #fyp

She explained how she couldn’t get a mortgage as she had not yet had tax years. “I couldn’t get a mortgage because I was 19 and had no paid tax years yet. Should’ve just invested it,” Brit responded.

Another asked whether no one informed her that’s not a conventional thing to do, to which Brit replied, “Yes, I was just stubborn.”

“You could’ve got 12,000 meal deals with that”, one user joked, while another highlighted: “You could’ve bought two houses for that in Bradford.”

Another user teased, “I bet the landlord struggled to keep a straight face.”

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