Woman asks trolls to roast her wedding dress to help her spot its flaws

Woman asks trolls to roast her wedding dress to help her spot its flaws
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A bride-to-be took to the internet to find people to roast her wedding dress.

She said that she wanted some feedback from strangers, but the result was definitely brutal. TikTok user Randi took to the social media platform as she decided the best way to find its flaws was to seek out the opinions of people.

She posted a picture of her wearing it to a Facebook shaming group and vicious comments rolled in instantly. The surprising part is that each insult about the dress she had chosen made Randi love the dress even more.

In TikTok Randi said: "So I posted my wedding dress in a wedding Facebook shaming group for s***s and giggles and I got absolutely ridiculed."


Reply to @honeyboobunnyy I love my dress regardless 🤣🤍 #wedding #dress #weddingdress #messytok #WomenOwnedBusiness #OscarsAtHome #DeserveADrPepperDuet #weddingshaming

"No hate to the people who actually commented negative stuff because that's kind of what I was looking for," she continued. "I know everyone was like, 'why would you post this if you already bought it, you're just going to have dress regret and feel insecure after?'"

Now that she has heard just about every negative thing there is to say about her wedding attire, she's certain she chose the right dress for her.

"And that's not at all what happened. I still love my dress and know that's the dress," she said. "I'm not going to regret buying it because of some strangers on Facebook."

In the video, she shared a picture of herself wearing a lace dress. She continued: "Now I completely understand what all the comments were saying - it doesn't have a lot of lace in it… and yes, it does give a nude illusion but you can obviously tell I'm not naked."

"I love my dress. It is nude underneath, I do look like a s**t but I don't care because it's my wedding. And I've seen way more s******r wedding dresses - and it's 2022! Go off!"

One comment underneath her video read, ""I thought it was going to be ugly based on the Facebook roast... it’s literally the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen. You have fantastic taste."

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