'This is fine': Woman swings in Russian playground as building burns nearby

'This is fine': Woman swings in Russian playground as building burns nearby
Woman swings in Russian playground as building burns nearby

They say that life imitates art, and never has that been truer than in a recent clip that has reminded viewers of the “this is fine” meme.

In the clip, a woman and her daughter can be seen calmly swinging on a swing set in the park as a fire in a building rages in front of them.

The meme famously shows a dog sitting at a table with a cup of coffee as the room is engulfed in flames around it. According to Know Your Meme, it comes from the webcomic series Gunshow and is used to convey denial.

The video of the mother and child was captured in the Russian town of Kotlas in the west of the country.

They can be seen casually swinging back and forth and a fire engulfs a building just yards away from where they are.

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In front of them, a small crowd gathered and watched the building going up in flames just a short distance from where they stood.

Elsewhere other locals sat on park benches and watched the flames as sirens from emergency service vehicles were heard in the background approaching the fiery scene.

The woman on the swing appeared completely unfazed by what was going on around her, and even looked away and continued to swing with the child on her lap.

Russian news site Podyom reports that The Department of the Ministry of Emergencies in Arkhangelsk confirmed that a two-storey non-residential building caught fire on Monday (25 April).

Officials said: ‘“The area of the fire was 480 square metres. There are no casualties. The cause of the fire is being established.”

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