Woman goes viral on TikTok after tattooing her face and thinking it would ‘fade’

Woman goes viral on TikTok after tattooing her face and thinking it would ‘fade’

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after tattooing her own face.

Jamie (@jamiiee.2) has more than 1.8 million views on her post about her face tattoos.

The British mum-of-one captioned the video “if I don’t laugh I’ll cry”.


If I don’t laugh I’ll cry 🥺✌️ #facetattoo #fail 😆

Jamie tattooed herself at home using a traditional “stick and poke” method.

The tattoos are supposed to imitate her zodiac constellation and that of her daughters, but have been mistaken for freckles by viewers.

In the TikTok video, she wrote “It’s fine they will fade”, then said “Nah I think I f***** up”.

The video has more than 1,000 comments, with one user commenting “Girl why lol” and another adding “Why did you think this was a good idea?”.

But, some also like Jamie’s tattoos, with comments such as “OK but why do I love them” and “weirdly enough it doesn’t look bad though”.

The video of Jamie tattooing herself also went viral, attracting over 700,000 views.

In other videos, Jamie said her boss instructed her to cover her tattoos and told her “woman are meant to have tiny tattoos, like really discreet, that’s what men like”.

This sparked a debate in her comment section, with some users saying “they aren’t allowed to discriminate against you for tattoos” and “don’t let him treat you any differently”, while another said “unfortunately the older generation hate them, so far job purposes I don’t get them in visible places”.

Jamie already had multiple tattoos, including on her face, so she is less fazed by the responses she’s received.

Addressing some of the backlash, she said in a video: “I think people are actually mad at me because they couldn’t pull it off”, then proceeded to sip her tea.

Jamie told her followers they would fade over time and said she will exfoliate her skin everyday to help hurry the process.

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