Woman receives 'disgusting' text from a man she was about to go on a date with calling her a 'solid 4'

Woman receives 'disgusting' text from a man she was about to go on a date with calling her a 'solid 4'

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In the early days of a relationship, it’s easy to spend a significant amount of time worrying about the right thing to say over a text message, but for one man using the dating app Bumble, a horrendous mistake stopped romance dead in its tracks.

While the man is known only as Jake, the woman in the situation is TikTok user Samantha Rose, who shared a video of the unfortunate interaction on Thursday.

At first, it looked sweet enough, with the pair taking the conversation to iMessage and Jake describing the 25-year-old woman from Alabama as “beautiful”.

“I’m a lucky guy to get to take you out,” he added, with a kissing emoji.

Sounds suitably lovey-dovey.

Except another text from Jake came through to Samantha later suggesting he didn’t consider himself “lucky” to be dating the match at all.

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Accompanied with a photo of Samantha on a beach, Jake sent a message to her which read: “Nah bro she’s a solid 4 and I would for sure keep it on the low but desperate times call for desperate measures and beggers [sic] can’t be choosers.

“All I saw was t*** and an easy lay.”


i hate it here #greenscreen

If you’re thinking Jake meant to send that to one of his mates, then you’d be correct – and his explanation to Samantha was just as painful.

He said: “Damn I’m sorry I didn’t mean to send that to you… I was talking about someone else and clicked your picture on accident. My bad.”

Needless to say, TikTok didn’t approve of Jake’s comments and his excuse.

One person commented: “Did he think his attempt of saving the situation was somehow better?”

“We riot at dawn,” added another.

A third wrote: “What bothers me most is that him sending it to you seems secretly intentional… Like what kind of MONSTER does that?!”

In a follow-up video, Samantha explained she was “too stunned to speak” following the message and has not responded to it.

“I could have like gone off on him, obviously, because that was rude and ugly, but I really feel like he did that on purpose. If he did then that’s kind of narcissistic craziness,” she said.

Speaking of craziness, Jake decided to call Samantha that when he found out she had shared the messages on TikTok.

In yet another update video, Jake can be seen sending a new text which reads: “So you’re just not going to show and then make a TikTok about me?

“It was a joke but I should of [sic] picked up that you were crazy when you said you foster kids. You can’t get a man so you get a bunch of broken little kids to fill that void.

“Look your a sweet girl and if you want to try again I would consider it but not if your going to act crazy. [sic]

“Is the chronic illness that you’re crazy? Or is that contributing to your wait? [sic]”


Reply to @00sophii #greenscreen i think him texting and me opening it and not replying was making him RAGE


Samantha told Buzzfeed that she hasn't had the best experience online dating. Another man she had met on Bumble had cut things off because of her weight.

"Bear in mind, I am on a huge weight loss journey. I have lost over 50 pounds," Sam told the news outlet. "This guy knew about this and knew about my insecurities and fear of not being thin enough yet to start dating. I had shared a lot of vulnerable things with him and never expected this to be the outcome. Essentially, exactly what I was afraid of happening, happened as soon as I let my guard down."

To make matters worse, Samantha had speculations that Jake had gotten back in contact under the alias Cody.

"As I got more texts from 'Jake' and comments/DMs from women trying to help me, I started to piece together some things. There was a guy I had matched with a couple of days prior named Cody. He insisted we had talked before, though there was no evidence that we had. When I showed I wasn't interested, he quickly became irate and jumped to calling me 'fat' and attacking me," Sam explained.

She continued, "I started to compare the mannerisms, the way they both jumped to attacking me, the similarities in grammatical errors, and it seemed likely that it was the same person, but I wasn't sure."


silly goose!! #greenscreen

Fortunately, with more than 9 million views on the original video and 40,000 followers in total, we’re confident that Samantha has many people who can roast a man if the dating app drama continues.

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