<p>TikToker Cassidy Lane is emotional when she describes how her weight gain has changed how people treat her</p>

TikToker Cassidy Lane is emotional when she describes how her weight gain has changed how people treat her


*TW - eating disorders*

A bartender has shared a heartbreaking TikTok in which she describes how people started treated differently after she put on weight.

In the video, Cassidy Lane – otherwise known as @body_positive_bartender – replies to a TikTok where someone asks for people who have had “pretty privilege” their whole life to share their world view.

Lane, who works within the service industry as a bartender, said: “The way you look influences it [the job] at lot. Whether that’s tips or how people treat you, it just does.”

The TikToker then appears emotional as she describes how her “whole life changed” when she started to get help for an eating disorder.

It resulted in her gaining weight after the pandemic.

As tears fall down her cheek Lane added: “People don’t look you in the eye anymore. They’re not nice to you - especially men.”

TikTok/lizagnabathwate and body_positive_bartender

Lane explains how she would walk up to customers and say: “Hey, how’s it going? How are you?”

She says that, previously, the sort of reply she would get in response would be: “I’m doing really great honey, how are you?”

Now, Lane says she doesn’t get the niceties or same conversation and says customers immediately just ask for their drinks. “It’s a little more like ‘Two Coors Lights and a Bud Light,’” she says.

She then directly challenges people who don’t believe pretty privilege is a thing.

“For people saying that doesn’t actually happen, please raise your hand if you would willingly like to live as a fat person.

“And the fact that no one raises their hand makes the point.”

Lane ends the video by saying how “it just makes you feel hopeless.”

She asks: “Like am I ever gonna be worth more than my looks?”

The video has since gone viral with over 4.8m views and 934,000 likes on the app.

It has also garnered thousands of comments from people who have shared similar experiences to Lane.

One person said: “My weight has fluctuated all my life. I am 100% treated nicer when I weigh less.”

“I’ve gained and lost weight so many times due to my ED and people always treat me better when I was smaller,” another person wrote.

Someone else said: “This is real. I gained a lot of weight during the pandemic too and people just treated me differently. It’s a cruel world.”

“I had the same problem. Society is trash. You are beautiful inside and out!” A fourth person replied.

You can watch the video in full here.

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