Woman slammed for wearing white to her blind cousin’s wedding in viral Reddit post

Woman slammed for wearing white to her blind cousin’s wedding in viral Reddit post

There are certain basic rules when attending a wedding: don’t try to upstage the bride or groom and certainly don’t wear white.

And yet one woman has admitted that she chose to ignore such basic etiquette when attending her cousin’s big day – and it hasn’t gone down well on the internet.

The Reddit user explained that her cousin, 26, is blind, which is how she got away with sporting a white maxi dress for the occasion.

However, she insisted, she hadn’t chosen the colour to spite her younger relative, but simply because it “brings out my skin glow and makes me feel comfortable and confident.”

“I really thought no one would even notice I was wearing white,” the original poster (OP) wrote in a lengthy post on the social media platform.

“My cousin and her husband didn’t know because obviously no one told them,” she continued. “But my aunt kept giving me uncomfortable looks the entire evening. And so did my other cousin.”

The Redditor said that when she decided to leave, “my aunt pulled me aside and berated me for wearing this colour at her daughter’s wedding”.

“She said just because her daughter is blind doesn’t mean she’s stupid and doesn’t know what’s going on around her, basically saying I brought negative energy and disturbed the celebration by having guests notice and, by extension, my cousin as well.”

The Redditor said no one told the bride and groomGetty Images/iStockphoto

The OP then explained that her aunt gave a “lengthy lecture” and suggested she had “pulled this stunt” because of jealousy that “my blind cousin got married before me.”

She flat-out refuted the suggestion, saying: “I just wore my favorite colour and didn’t do it because my cousin is blind and wouldn’t notice.”

She then hit out at her aunt for “trying to dictate what I wear”, adding that she left “feeling very upset and exhausted” from the encounter.

The OP ended her story by explaining that her boyfriend had pushed her to say sorry to her cousin.

But, she stressed: “I really see no reason to apologise since I chose to wear a comfortable color that I feel confident in.”


Her post racked up more than 15,800 upvotes and 3,200 comments in just one day, as fellow Redditors condemned her behaviour.

“What does your cousin being blind have to do with it?” one wrote. “You wore a white dress to a wedding. That is like the universal ‘f*** you’ to any bride. And it’s an extra one to a blind bride.”

Another added: “It doesn’t matter that white is your favorite color and makes you look best. White is flattering on MANY people. It’s not your wedding, you don’t need to look the best.

“The day is about the bride, who should be the only one looking amazing in a long white dress. Suck it up and wear a less preferred color because someone else’s wedding day is not about you in any way.”

A third said: “She thought she could get away with it because the bride is blind, which is so disrespectful. She’s an a**hole for wearing white and a double a**hole for her ableist attitude.”

A fourth joked: “Honest to god at this point I’m surprised OP didn’t wear a veil as well… ‘because my hair looks best with a tiara on it’...”

And a fifth commented: “There is literally no way she would have pulled this act on someone else’s wedding. She did it because she knew her poor cousin wouldn’t be the wiser with her little show.

“Good thing is that she wanted to be the center of attention. She now gets to be remembered as the a**hole who wore white to their blind cousin’s wedding.”

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