Woman's 'speeding truck' question is messing with people's emotions

Woman's 'speeding truck' question is messing with people's emotions
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A trauma-Informed CBT Coach, who found fame on TikTok, has sparked a debate on social media following her 'speeding truck' question.

In the viral clip, Amy Millie (@itsamymillie) asked viewers to answer her with the first answer that came to them.

She asked: "How would you feel if a truck was driving to you at full speed and you were standing in the middle of the road?"

Amy said that if the response was something along the lines of "I'd be terrified or froze with fear", that means they're on the "right track."

However, if the first answer was similar to "I'd run out of the way" or "I'd move", the question was avoided. Amy theorises that this could be because those people have the tendency to intellectualise emotions "rather than just sitting with them".

The viral clip soon circulated on Twitter – where people lost their minds.

One user brought attention to the polarising question, writing: "Help, this psychologist just murdered me and spit on my grave".

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It didn't take long before other Twitter users chimed in with their takes.

One person wrote: "1) My urge to get out of the way is a feeling. 2) You can't ask me to imagine a hypothetical emotion I'm not currently feeling, and then accuse me of intellectualizing the feeling instead of 'sitting with it.' It's a hypothetical; the whole exercise is intellectual."

Another called it an "interesting point" but believed the concept to be "completely wrong". They added: "Either your brain will make you move before you can think or it will simply freeze trying to process what's happening."

Meanwhile, a third penned: "If you answer with a feeling, it's just wordplay and a lie. Most of the time, what you think you'll feel and what you'll actually feel will be very different. In this case, though, there won't be any feelings. It will be just an instinct. It has happened to me a few times."

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