It's not considered polite to point this out, but nearly half the world will - at some stage in their lives - menstruate. Now Twitter users are attempting to remove the taboo surrounding menstruation with the hashtag #Livetweetyourperiod.

As Jenna Wortham writes in the New York Times, the tweets are a perfect antidote to the near near-ubiquitous images of hyper-sexualised women on social media. "These are rarely considered as scandalous as content that dares to reveal how a woman’s body actually functions," she writes.

The hashtag started last year with user Baenerys writing "MY TITS HURT SO BAD I JUST WANT TO DIE" (sounds about right). Often as silly as they are funny, the tweets discuss cravings, gas, period pain, leaking and - of course - chocolate. We've included a selection of the best below but be warned: anyone who has ever had a period (and some people who haven't) will burst out in laughter at some point while reading these.

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