HP Survey Examines How COVID Impacted Women Seeking Promotions
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A man turned to TikTok to share "weird" but "genius" advice for women to climb the career ladder.

In a viral clip that's racked up 6.2 million views, Mean Streak podcast host Alex Biron (@everydayalex) shared how women can manipulate their employees to achieve a promotion. And it involves doing the bare minimum.

“When you get a new job, do just enough to not get fired,” he explains in the TikTok.

“Don’t come in early; don’t take on any extra work and keep doing that until they expect very little from you. After a while, when you’re ready, make a sudden drastic change, take work home, make a really good impression.”

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The TikToker suggests this shift in dynamic will garner the attention of management, who will be intrigued by the improved work ethic.

“Inevitably, your boss will ask you why the big change,” he says.

“You’ll tell him that you’ve discovered you can’t have kids and you’ve realised you’re going to have to get more life satisfaction out of your career, so you’re going to try really hard from now on.

"He will be really impressed—or she—and jobs often discriminate against women who are going to start families anyway, so those two things combined mean they will promote you without you even asking, and then you’ll move up the company.”


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His manipulative method suggests that if you happened to fall pregnant, you could put it down to a "medical miracle."

“The beauty of this is if you ever decide to have children, it’ll look like a medical miracle, and nobody can really get angry at you for that, so they’ll all be really happy for you. And by then, you’ll have moved too far up the company for them to fire you anyway.”

Thousands of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip demanding "more secrets."

"Weirdest advice I've heard, but I can't say it's bad advice," one said, while another claimed: "This happened to me, got my own office within the company and doubled my salary within two years and I'm not even qualified for the job."

Others were quick to highlight the sad realities behind the advice.

"I feel like this is so true it's sad," one user penned.

Another added: "The reason this could work is also the reason I hate the way the world is!"

While one joked: "So tell them about my five kids AFTER the promotion."

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