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Language differences can often bring on moments of hilarity.

Especially when words that sound very rude in English are seen as perfectly appropriate in other languages.

What can we say? We all enjoy a immature joke now and then.

This reddit thread has some hilarious examples - just don't say them out loud.


It means 'buttocks' in Dutch.


This one translates as 'ch'ef in Dutch.

As 'kok' can be a last name, Reddit user Deeyennay apparently had a teacher named Dick Kok.

Any English-speaking person meeting him would have had to be very strong (or humourless) not to snigger.


'Sex' is a word you learn very early in life in Sweden, as it means 'six'.

And those who studied German in school thought 'sechs' for 'six' was funny...


Deep breath, this is not a slur in Sweden: it means 'end',

Even more amusing is 'slutstation', which means' terminal' or 'last stop'.


Sweden delivers again with this word, which means 'speed'.


In French, it means 'arm'.


Nope, it's not what you're thinking - get your head out of the gutter and of the toilet.

'Constapido' means 'to be stuffed up with a cold' in Spanish.


Don't worry, it means 'to annoy' in Spain.


Aw, this sounds like a nice one. Perhaps it means 'child' in Dutch? Or 'relationship' in Italian?

Nope, it's actually horrid: it means 'poison' in German.

Don't go into a 'gift shop' in Germany.


This is 'fact' in Polish.

If you're confused as to why it's funny, say it out loud and imagine how a Polish accent might pronounce it. Clue: the 'a' sound like a 'u'.

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