We re-imagined Donald Trump's worst tweets of 2017 as episodes of Friends, because why not?

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Just when we think he can’t get any worse, he somehow manages it.

Yes, we’re talking about United States President Donald Trump and his Twitter account – which unsurprisingly reached new lows once he was given access to 280 characters. Cheers, Twitter.

If you're anything like us, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is fumble blindly into the dark for your phone, eager to find out what the former reality TV star could have possibly done while we slept.

So as a festive treat, we've gathered the baddest of the bad in one handy place, so that you don't have to. But to make them that little bit easier to process, we've framed them as titles of Friends episodes.

We've narrowed it down to his worst 24, because Google and maths tell us that there was an average of 24 Friends episodes per season. And, you know, because rules help control the fun.

Could we *be* any more excited?

1. The one where Donald called one of the greatest actresses of our time "overrated" while simultaneously attacking both Hillary Clinton and the disabled reporter he mocked in a jaw-dropping display of multi-tasking.

2. The one where Donald couldn't see the irony in telling Hillary to "get on with [her] life" despite still tweeting about her more than a year after the election and challenging her to run against him again in 2020.

3. The one where Donald tried to take on legitimate federal judge James Robart for putting a stop to his travel ban because it literally violated the Constitution's restrictions on Presidential power.

4. The one where Donald needed his Twitter account to understand that the murder of elephants was really not OK.

5. The one where Donald said "see you in court" to the actual court. In all caps.

6. The one where Donald called transgender soldiers a "burden" and tried to ban them from serving their country, despite the fact he deferred the Vietnam War draft a number of times.

7. The one where Donald condemned the Women's Marches against his presidency in 606 cities around the world and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact the Washington march had a larger turn out than his inauguration.

Nope. Definitely unrelated.

8. The one where Donald and Kim Jong-un had THE will-they-won't-they relationship of 2017.

9. The one where Donald tried to get Americans to boycott the most popular sport in the country because he has a problem with people kneeling in protest during the national anthem.

10. The one where Donald revealed that "fake news" is nothing to do the with the factual accuracy of the media, it's when someone says something bad about him.

11. The one where Donald threatened to kill tens of millions of people but did so with a cute US flag emoji and hashtag because, Twitter.


12. The one where Donald shared anti-Muslim videos from far-right group Britain First and when Theresa May called him out on it he said that America was doing "just fine," even though toddlers kill more people in his country than terrorists do.

He's fine.

13. The one where Donald barked "make America great again" in response to a political blogger who'd written about his attacks on high profile African-Americans, which made us all wonder if the president had been searching his own name or not because he wasn't even tagged in the original post.

We've all done it, Donald.

14. The one where Donald mourned the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee while failing to show an ounce of outrage in the wake of the far-right Charlottesville marches.

After all, there were allegedly some "very fine people on both sides" when one person died and 19 people were injured.

15. The one where Donald couldn't decide if Barack Obama was "bad" or "sick" for allegedly tapping his phones, despite providing no proof that the former president had done so.

16. The one where Donald called his own citizens "haters and fools" while claiming to be able to rid the world of terrorism despite misusing the word "there".

17. The one where Donald appeared to fabricate a terrorist attack in Sweden and then blamed it on Fox News.

This. Actually. Happened.

18. The one where Donald was condemned by world leaders, caused protests in the Middle East, and "opened the gates of hell" by breaking with decades-long US foreign policy and officially recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

19. The one where Donald was the most powerful man in the world but still resorted to the kind of insults and name-calling that kids in a school playground would be embarrassed by.

20. The one where Donald literally played the smallest violin in the entire world.

21. The one where Donald left us all completely stumped with "covfefe".

22. The one where Donald definitely didn't show his poker face because he's not rattled by the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the US election and he would never lash out at the FBI because of said investigation. Nope. Definitely not.

23. The one where Donald inadvertently asked the one question we were all thinking.

24. And finally, because every series should end on a happy ending... The one where Donald actually did something good for the world and turned himself into a meme that's so iconic even Andy Murray made a joke.

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