Pilot reveals worst time of day to fly for nervous travellers - and where to sit

Pilot reveals worst time of day to fly for nervous travellers - and where to sit
Is the fear of traveling keeping you grounded?

Whether it's the fear of take-offs and landings, heights, or bad weather, there are many things that can trigger a fear of flying.

It's a widespread anxiety too, with roughly 1 in 3 Americans saying they are anxious to fly or afraid to fly, according to

But now, a pilot has shared some words of advice for how to make the whole process more pleasant - and shared the time of day to avoid traveling if you suffer from flying nerves.

In an interview with Reader's Digest, Jerry Johnson, an airline pilot from Los Angeles, was one of the many pilots to share top tips for flights.

"If you're a nervous flyer, book a morning flight," he said. "The heating of the ground [throughout the day] causes bumpier air, and it's much more likely to thunderstorm in the afternoon."

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Another pilot, Patrick Smith, said that if someone wants a smoother ride, they should sit "over or near the wing".

"The bumpiest place to sit is in the back. A plane is like a seesaw. If you're in the middle, you don't move as much," he said.

Elsewhere if a passenger feels cold on flights, an anonymous tech pilot at a regional airline in Texas suggests getting a seat towards the back of the plane because it's "warmer."

"The general flow of air in any airplane is from front to back. So if you're really concerned about breathing the freshest possible air or not getting too hot, sit as close to the front as you can. Planes are generally warmest in the back," they said.

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