Woman questions whether she's brought the right dog home after 'nightmare' trip to groomers

Woman questions whether she's brought the right dog home after 'nightmare' trip to groomers
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Most people have experienced going to the hairdressers and not exactly getting the desired haircut they had envisioned - but this one really takes the (dog) biscuit.

A dog owner has shared how a "nightmare" trip to the groomers resulted in her pooch looking so unrecognisable that she thought she had taken the wrong dog home.

TikToker Sarah (@inputcoffee) who has a golden poodle named Scout shared some adorable clips of the fluffy pup before he received the close shave.

"I took Scout to the groomers and I left with a new dog," Sarah explained in the onscreen text captions.

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To give viewers an idea of what she had in mind, the TikToker added in a clip from that last time she had taken Scout to the same groomers where he received a light trim.

"This was his previous haircut, and I was wanting the same haircut," the text read.

But that's not exactly what she received, this time around...


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The video then abruptly cut to what looks like a completely different dog as Scout's loveable locks have been completely shaven off and as a result, the lack of volume his hair gave is now gone, making him look even smaller.

Even Scout himself doesn't look too impressed with his new haircut.

Since sharing Scout's transformation, Sarah's video has received 375,000 views, 35,000 likes, along with comments from people who were shocked at how much hair the groomer had taken off.

One person said: "When I tell you I gasped out loud…" "That poor puppy! They did him dirty!!!" another person wrote.

Someone else added: "That’s a different dog."

"Straight out of Resident Evil," a fourth person replied and while a fifth summed up the experience as a "nightmare."

Confused as to why the groomer would do this, one person asked: "No way why," to which Sarah replied: "Groomer said I communicated incorrectly about his haircut even though I chose the same cut as last time.

Though Sarah was reassured in the comments that Scout's hair would eventually grow back, as they wrote: "It's okay hair grows back! Coming from a doodle owner."

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