This is the most hilarious wrong number mistake ever

Texting a number out of the blue and getting it wrong is commonplace.

You'd think by now, people would know, when messaging for the first time, to establish who they're talking to before they get into the meat of the subject matter.

Fortunately for those who find this sort of thing funny, Helen didn't think to, when she was texting Noah Paul.

This turned out to be a large mistake, as Noah tweeted the exchange, receiving hundreds of thousands of likes.

Twitter reacted immediately with one voice:

Sadly this won't happen as Noah claims he's been blocked.

Some loved it:

However, as with all unverifiable text exchanges, not all was what it seemed.

When the tweets were first published, Noah claimed that the exchange had definitly happened - many did not believe him:

He claims he cannot reveal the number as he could get in legal trouble. The events seem quite too-good-to-be-true and its been made neatly unverifiable.

Alas, it has since transpired that Noah was being pranked.

After the tweets went viral, Noah was informed by some new friends he had met at a football game that they had tricked him.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, he explained that he had no idea the texts were fake when he initially shared the screen shots on Twitter.

He told the site:

I tweeted them because at the time they were an unknown local number to me and I was thinking 'what the heck! this is gold' and I posted it! After it blew up and got 'viral' you could say, he then told me that it was him pranking me all along late into the night.

He added that he wasn't too fussed that the texts were a prank, he's just "glad people got some laughts out of it, I sure did!"

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