TikTok shows adult baseball fan trash-talking children and flashing loser sign
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Baseball games can get very heated, especially when old rivalries are involved.

But a TikTok video showing a Yankees fan taunting a group of Red Sox fans has gone viral, because in this case the Yankees fan is a fully grown adult yelling at children.

TikTok user jsilve23 filmed the woman getting in the faces of a group of children at a baseball game in New York’s Yankee Stadium two days ago. It’s since hit nearly 85k views, with most people aghast at the woman’s antics.


While the children stand haphazardly in their Red Sox gear, the adult Yankees fan appears to taunt them nonstop, placing her hands in the shape of an L on her forehead, the symbol for calling someone a loser.

In her limited defense, one of the children did the same L gesture back to her. But she should know better.


At one point she even also folds her arms and sways at the kid, attempting to look intimidating. The kids sort of jumps up and down in response.

“There is no such thing as a grown Yankee fan,” one commenter joked on the video.

“Yeah we won’t claim her - yikes,” wrote Yankees fan Will Gorman in the comments on the video.

One commenter suggested the adult fan might be joking - but the original poster disagreed, saying the adult was eventually kicked out of the section for her antics.


The Yankees and Red Sox are old rivals, and this week’s match between the two is the earliest the two have been scheduled against each other in a season since 1996. The Red Sox won by one point, which is also the first time they’ve beat the Yankees in their home stadium in the Bronx, NY in a decade.

The loss obviously left Yankees fans, like this woman, upset.

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