Man goes on solo hike in Yorkshire and ends up in an illegal rave

Man goes on solo hike in Yorkshire and ends up in an illegal rave
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A man who went on a solo camping trip in Yorkshire unexpectedly found himself in the middle of an illegal rave.

Oliver Broome had been exploring Oxenhope Stoop Hill in Bradford when his relaxing trip turned into one of the “strangest weekends in history”.

Last weekend, the 29-year-old Leeds man set out on his first solo camp of the year.

On Saturday night at 10:30, he tucked himself up in his new sleeping bag with a hot water bottle.

“It's at this point the night got very strange,” he wrote on Instagram.

He said he could hear men talking and they seemed to be getting closer. As he was in the middle of nowhere, he said he was “s***ing himself” and “thought I was getting murdered for sure”.

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As the voices sounded like they were directly outside his tent he poked his head out to see what was going on. To his surprise, he saw four men carrying a generator. Soon after, around 50 people turned up with speakers and DJ equipment.

He said: “It was only an illegal rave right next to my tent so I had no choice but to get stuck in and join the party and I must say they were very accommodating, they supplied me with beers for the night.

“They were just as amazed to be bumping into each other than I was, like what are the chances of this in the middle of absolute nowhere.”

Oliver shared his experience to Instagram, where his post detailing his experience quickly racked up over 800 likes.

He told Yorkshire Live that the rave went on until 7am, with the site emptying by 7:30am.

Despite a rave not being on his to-do list for that weekend, he joined in and had fun anyway.

He said: "The chances of something like this happening in the middle of nowhere are unbelievable."

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