You've been using Chopsticks wrong for your whole life

(Picture: Stephen SHAVER/AFP/Getty Images
(Picture: Stephen SHAVER/AFP/Getty Images

So it turns out the 1,435,393,287th thing you've been doing wrong your whole life is chopsticks, at least the disposable takeaway type.

They come joined by a blocky bit at the end because they are made from a single piece of wood, which is partially split.

It's made in this method because it's easy to make, ship and tear them apart, and so you know - with relative certainty - that they have not been used before.

Then the game changed.

Twitter user 'TwiteraarTrash Panda', tweeted a supposed life hack for chopsticks on Tuesday...

...which has been covered by numerous media sources as the supposed right way to eat using chopsticks - resting them on the block so as to make sure the ends you eat with don't pick up bacteria from the table.

This has proved to be a divisive issue as many have pointed out that the correct way to eat with chopsticks is any damn way you please and that this method is simply a method.

@bortofdarkness has expressed regret for the offering, which was simply a flippant observation on someone else's image, after accruing over 3,000 retweets and likes and having been featured by news organisations internationally.

She also had a confession:

This is what you are doing to people, internet. But we forgive you TwiteraarTrash Panda - we know the Twitter game is tough.

But to the point, is this going to change how you eat with disposable chopsticks?

Vote in the poll, below:

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