You will be in your cold, lonely grave before this GIF loops.

There's a comforting thought.

Helsinki-based artists Juha van Ingen and Janne Särkelä have created a GIF which will only loop once ever thousand years. Because, we don't know.

The GIF, titled As Long As Possible, is currently on display at the FISH Gallery Helsinki where it sits counting from one to 48,140,288 in 10-minute intervals.

Speaking about the project Van Ingen said:

It was a bit of a revelation to me to find out that in GIF animation, the maximum delay between each frame is more than 10 minutes.

It made me think about making an GIF loop which would last for as long as possible. We decided to go for a 1000-year long loop, which would be very long, but still short enough that people could relate to it.

This is what the first frame of the GIF looks like...

... and considering we won't be around to see the final frame, here's a spoiler...

While we can appreciate the GIF on a an artistic level, it's no Ed Milibae.

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