Streamer YourRAGE 'loses an eye' in horrific wood chopping accident

Streamer YourRAGE 'loses an eye' in horrific wood chopping accident
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Twitch streamer YourRAGE says he “lost” an eye after a freak accident that happened while chopping wood live on a stream.

From fireworks going off inside Kai Cenat’s house to cops showing up unexpectedly, anything can happen while streamers are online.

A clip of American Twitch and Kick streamer YourRAGE, whose real name is Josh, is spreading online after appearing to show the moment he damaged his eye in an accident.

In the clip from a stream on 3 July, YourRAGE could be seen chopping wood in the dark with an axe. But, during one strike of the log, the axe appeared to bounce back and the handle hit him in the face.

The camera person asked him if he was ok, to which YourRAGE replied: “I'm blind. I'm bleeding. I need a hospital! I need a hospital! I need a hospital, bro!”

“Are you serious?” the cameraman asked. The agitated streamer responded: “Yes, yes, yes... I lost my eye. I lost my eye! I promise you. I promise you! Ah! I'm not lying!”

The livestream came to an abrupt end with a message that read, “Connection lost, be back soon!”.

Following the incident, an X account named @rageupdates claimed: “The only real update is he can’t see out of his eye lots of blood no vision as of now.”

Fans sent their well wishes following the shocking incident and wished him a good recovery.

“Pray for @YourRAGEz you guys. I couldn’t imagine becoming blind out of an eye, that has to be one of my biggest fears. That clip looked awful,” one fan wrote.

Another wrote: “Praying it gets better bro wtf.”

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