Kai Cenat appears to destroy his home in fireworks stunt with MrBeast

Kai Cenat appears to destroy his home in fireworks stunt with MrBeast
Kai Cenat's room gets blown up with MrBeast... *Age-Restricted*

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat’s stream with MrBest came to an end after he appeared to destroy his home by letting off fireworks indoors.

Cenat and MrBeast are two of the most prominent names in internet culture, with the latter known for his charitable endeavours and the former known for his online streams and general antics.

In 2023, the AMP House erupted into a fireworks war and it seems as though this year, Cenat’s plan to stream this year with supplies for “defence” backfired.

Cenat began the stream standing in front of a huge stack of fireworks that were piled up behind him in the room which appeared to be the same one he usually streams from.

He was joined by MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, but 35 minutes in, their stream was interrupted by the arrival of fellow streamer AMP Davis who carried a firework labelled for “professional use” only.

Kai Cenat & MrBeast FULL STREAM!

“Jimmy, you know where I spent the last year?” Davis asked MrBeast, referencing the previous year when his room in the house got destroyed by fireworks. “Not at the AMP House. I lived at my mum’s house, I rented a hotel, I got a condo in the city of Atlanta – all because of last July 4th.”

Davis threatened to “return the favour” and MrBeast swiftly left the room with his hands up. Cenat begged: “This is not even f**king safe, dumb**s. Don't do it. Tomorrow, tomorrow!”

After Cenat tried to physically wrestle Davis, he was able to light the firework fuse and the whole room went up in fireworks before the stream cut off.

Shortly after, Cenat tweeted: “IM DONE WITH ALL THIS S**T!!!!! BET.”

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