YouTube family vloggers face backlash after comparing abortion to the Holocaust

YouTube family vloggers face backlash after comparing abortion to the Holocaust
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A YouTube vlogging family is facing backlash online after posting an anti-abortion video in which they compare the number of abortions per year to several genocides including the Holocaust.

In a nearly 40-minute 'documentary' video, The LaBrant Fam, explores pro-life views by sharing extremely specific statistics, speaking with doctors who do not agree with abortion, and describing in detail how second-trimester abortions occur.

With 13 million subscribers and a large viewership of mostly children, people are concerned about the impact the family's message may have.

The family vlogging channel, The LaBrant Fam, consists of Cole, 25, Savannah, 29, and their three young children.

Most of the family's videos are of the parents filming their children doing silly and fun things while mixing in their day-to-day routine. While the LaBrants are openly Christian, this is the first time they've shared a video promoting a certain belief heavily.

But the main problem people seem to have with the LaBrant's anti-abortion video is the cherry-picked statistics used to villainize abortions and those who choose one.

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Within the first two minutes of the video, death statistics of the Rwandan genocide, the Cambodian genocide, and the Holocaust are used against the number of abortions performed per year, seemingly to make abortions comparable to a genocide of people.

Immediately people took issue with it and shared their thoughts on social media.


pls no one go watch the video, i'm just saying that this is insane #labrantfamilyisoverparty #prochoice #abortionisessentialhealthcare #womensrights #womenshealth


When I tell you I’ve been WAITING FOR THIS. #labrantfam #labrantfamily

In the video, Cole and Savannah explain the purpose of their documentary video is to prevent women from having abortions. However, with a young audience, people are concerned that their influence could wrongly inform young people about abortions.

One TikTok user, Amanda, pointed out several messages of the video that misinforms the audience, including one from a pro-life doctor.


#labrantfamily #greenscreen #fyp

OBGYN and online personality Mama Doctor Jones also shared her opinion on the matter, explaining how harmful the statistics and information can be for young people.

With more abortion laws coming under fire across the US, the video comes at a heated time for many US citizens.

The LaBrants have not responded to the backlash they have received online yet.

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