YouTuber finally opens note received in high school a decade ago
Photo courtesy of Cherry Pie Man

Do you remember passing notes to one another in middle school and high school to pass the time if a class was boring?  Or, were you trying to figure out if someone liked you with the yes, no, maybe checklist?

For many, it was an integral part of the high school experience. However, one YouTuber left his note unopened for over a decade at the request of the sender.

The note instructed him to open it on April 11, 2021, at 11:29 pm, and YouTuber user Cherry Pie Man posted a video of himself opening the note to find out the hidden message that’s remained a mystery until now.

A handwritten note to self

The video was shared on YouTube and so far has accumulated almost 1.2 million views and counting.

With such a dramatic instruction daubed on the outside of the note, we got ourselves prepared for a truly big reveal. Perhaps a declaration of love, or the truth about the biggest high-school rumours that were flying at the time.

Instead, it said a single word.

Big reveal...


Yup, just a “Wassup.”


Yeah, we’re sorry to disappoint. But we, along with most of YouTube, are still impressed at the restraint shown in not opening it for so long.

“Honestly, mad respect for even keeping and remembering the note for 10 years“ said one commenter.

Although another user was more sceptical.

“Plot twist: The note was written today and we’re just made to believe it was written in 2011.”

YouTube itself responded to the video telling Cherry Pie Man, “You’ve got to find the person and write back! ✍️”

YouTube writing a comment

Cherry Pie Man later explained that he and the note writer are still friends and opened the note together.

“We’ve been close friends all this time, and we opened the note together!”

Aww, we love the nostalgia.

Check out the video below.

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