10 best dog beds to help your pup snooze in comfort and style
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Sleeping with your dog (or dogs) in bed is a great way to feel close to them...until it’s two hours before the alarm clock goes off and a paw jabs you in the face for the fourth time that night. And even if your pups are polite sleepers, there are times when they just need to have a space of their own to lie down, stretch out, curl up, and nap the day away.

We looked at some of the top-rated and highest selling pet beds on the market to determine which look like the best deal while being the most comforting, most durable, and sometimes just plain cutest options ready to house your furry family. Whether your dog is older and needs the support of an orthopedic sleeper or they just want to feel snuggled at all times, keep reading to find an adorable option for your home.

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Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver Sofa Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover, Medium, Silver

For bed-seekers who prefer something that looks more like furniture rather than a floppy floor mat, this little structured couch is perfect. It holds up to 30 pounds of weight which is great for one to three small pups, and two inches of space between the floor and bed make it harder for any territory markers to leave a hard-to-clean mess on the corners.

Enchanted Home

Enchanted Home Pet Wentworth Sofa Dog Bed w/Removable Cover, Large, Pebble Brown

This option comes with all the perks of the one above but for bigger dogs! It holds dogs up to 80 pounds, and the cover is removable for easy washing. We love the studded, classy look of the faux leather.

Enchanted Home

Modern Dog House, Wooden Pet House, Dog Bed, Dog Crate, Dog Kennel, Wood Dog House, Pet House, Pet Furniture, Dog Furniture, WLO

Fully customizable from the nameplate to the wood grain, this is the Cadillac option for pet lovers who want to show their dogs and visitors just how much they love their little furry monsters. It’s easy to clean and lightweight despite its sturdiness, plus you’re supporting an independent artist and business with this buying option.

WLO Wood

Bedsure Large Dog Bed for Small, Medium, Large Dogs/Cats Up to 75 lbs

One of the top sellers on Amazon is also one of the simplest options: A flat, supportive bed for dogs up to 75 pounds made of high-density egg crate foam to relieve joint pressure for pets of all ages. A removable cover makes it a cinch to wash, and its flat-lying construction means your senior pooch won’t struggle to make it into bed.


Club Nine Pets Roma Orthopedic Dog Bed

Using branded True Orthopedics material to cushion and support your dog’s body weight, this luxe bed is made to look like a smaller version of your own. This make it both very useful for providing a good night’s rest, soothing nap times throughout the day, and a chic look that’ll dress up any bedroom. It also comes in three sizes so you can choose the best for your pet.

Club Nine Pets

The Casper Dog Bed

Casper Sleep is known for making mattresses for two-legged creatures, but they’ve got your furry friends in mind when creating reliable sleep surfaces, too. As one glowing review reports:

“I’ve never met a dog that didn’t like a Casper bed. We got this bed for our spoiled 12 week old Pomeranian. She liked playing in this bed more than sleeping in it but that was because when we first got her she was 3.5 pounds and a tiny nugget. Now that she’s 11 months old and close to 10 pounds, she LOVES sleeping in her casper bed. It is made of the best materials to support Sachi’s tiny body and fragile joints. Again, Casper knocks it out of the park with thoughtful construction, ease of washing, and just good, clean design. I’m a fan and so is my dog! Worth every freaking penny.”

Casper Sleep

Hot Dog Bed

Do we really need to tell you why this is a great pick for your home? The utter silliness and cute factor are hard to beat, and the mutliple size options means the majority of hounds will fit on this bun. Buy for yourself or the fun-loving dog parent in your life to make them smile for years to come.

Dang Shun Pet 2

Nap Cap MLB Plush Cat & Dog Bed

Baseball fans rejoice! There’s a cap for plenty of baseball lovers that’s larger than life but perfectly sized for your small to medium sized dog to snooze inside. This would make a fantastic and unexpected pet owner gift for the jocks in your life, so bookmark it and start digging to find out which team they love.

Nap Cap

You & Me Cactus Cat Bed, 14" H X 18.5" D

It’s cute, it’s prickly, it’s just like your spoiled little princess... it’s a cactus bed! This one is actually a cat bed, but we can’t stop picturing a little bratty chihuahua barking out from under the precious, flowery lair. The dangling toy might not interest them as much, but it still looks great and will add a dash of color to your own decor.

You & Me

Top Paw® Faux Fur Donut Pet Bed

Some pups want to feel even snuggled and comforted all throughout the day, especially when you’re not there to handle that, so a donut-shaped bed is best to protect them on all sides. This Petsmart top seller is overstuffed with a soft, plushy surface that’s machine washable and has a “nest” shape for maximum comfort, plus it’s under $30!

Top Paw
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