16 best gifts to help you build the perfect Easter basket

16 best gifts to help you build the perfect Easter basket
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If you grew up in a certain type of Christian household, you may have looked forward to waking up on Easter Sunday to a visit from the Easter Bunny similarly to how Santa operated: He snuck in overnight, left behind some amazing gifts, and you spent the rest of the day playing with them, eating too much candy, and spending quality time with your family. And it was fantastic.

Traditions like those are fun and create lasting memories for kids, and it can also be nice to treat the adults you love to something similar for a bit of nostalgic joy. Keeping this in mind, we looked for the perfect presents to pack in a basket and gift your family or friends this year on Sunday, April 4th. With lockdowns preventing many from attending church or family gatherings, it’s a great way to liven up the day and keep the spirit strong even when you can’t celebrate the traditional ways.

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Dove Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny - 4.5oz

Every Easter basket needs chocolate, and we’re starting it off right with Dove’s famous dark chocolate bunny. Smooth, lavish gourmet chocolate comes in a 4.5 ounce bunny for a handful of delicious servings you can stretch over several days, and the opulent gold wrapper makes this a great choice for older basket receivers or just those with more discerning taste.


Sweet Nibble 16” Bunny - Gray

We first told you about Bunnies By The Bay recently while recommending their ultra-sweet Elsie Girl Doll in our piece on gifting toddlers. Elsie herself then showed up on our doorsteps for further inspection, cementing the fact that this company takes pride in providing the softest, most beautiful gifts possible in special packaging that avoids using lots of plastic and reinforces positive ideas and values for the child receiving it.

That in mind, the company’s actual bunnies, as one would expect with that name, are simply spectacular. Our personal favorite is this super-soft gray plush complete with floppy ears, a hand embroidered face, pink cheeks, and a big fluffy tail, not to mention the velour ears that give you the option to personalize. These bunnies are selling out quickly as the big day approaches, so snag one now to receive it in time for basket-stuffing come April.

Bunnies By The Bay

Jofan 18 Pack Easter Sidewalk Chalk Set

The familiar Springtime shapes of bunnies, chicks, and eggs come to life in this large set of sidewalk chalk that will encourage creativity in your younger ones and get them out of the house for some good, old-fashioned sunshine. You’ll receive 18 pieces of chalk, so divvy them up between two, three, even four children as needed, and let them go nuts on the driveway.


Squishmallow Kellytoy Set of 4 Springtime Easter Egg Collection 5" Mini Plush Doll Super Soft

Squishmallows have exploded in popularity thanks to their cute faces and shapes and impossibly soft fabric. This set of collectible Easter 2021 ‘mallows is done up in scrumptious candy-like pastels and are only five inches tall, making them perfect for situating nicely in a larger basket.


UglyDolls Large Moxy Stuffed Plush Toy, 13 inches

For a less obvious plush option, this UglyDolls is adorably hilarious with its goofy teeth and wide eyes, but still soft and cuddly as can be. It is also a generous 13 inches tall but still under $7, so it’s a great way to save money while still whipping up a creative and large array of gifts.


It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny Book

Books are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time, so treat young ones to a classic tale of self-discovery and acceptance featuring a very funny bunny and his journey to make friends and love himself.

Marilyn Sadler

Way To Celebrate Easter Hoppy Hopster Bunny, Brown

Everyone loves a snuggly plush, and this fuzzy brown bunny is a delightful option for including in an ace basket for Easter morning. Its cartoonish, large eyes are designed to melt your heart, and the date displayed on the foot makes it the perfect way to create a lasting memory that you can instantly place when looking at it years from now.

Way To Celebrate

Woven Bunny Easter Basket

You can’t likely build an Easter basket without the actual basket, so why not get one that is too cute for words and perfectly on theme for the season? That under-$10 price tag isn’t bad, either.

Bed Bath And Beyond


Collectible, sparkly, and filled with 12 foil-wrapped chocolate in various flavors? Please don’t make us explain why this is the perfect gift to celebrate the end of lent.


WEWILL Chenille Easter Chicks-Pack of 36 Party Favors Cute Colorful Kids Easter Egg Hunt Bonnet Decorations,1 1/2-Inch

You probably don’t need this many darling chenille chicks, but they make a lovely accessory to baskets and dress them up festively. To alleviate the “how did I end up with 36 of these” problem, simply share with other parents or loved ones making baskets themselves. You can also use the extra to create a wreath, a diorama, or any number of crafts you can dream up to display in celebration of the holiday.


Easter Marshmallow Chicks Peeps Variety Pack 4ct.

Prefer your precious chicks edible? Stock up on Peeps in a multitude of flavors. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying they are an Easter classic and will surely please someone in your household.

Just Born

"Unexpected Surprise" Sterling Silver Colorful Rabbit Charm

Not all bunnies must be plush or chocolate! Some, like this one, can be made of beautiful silver and gemstones and worn on a bracelet or necklace. We may truly never recover from the cuteness of the little surprise fella inside this gorgeous egg charm.


Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs 10 Oz Pack of 2

Mini eggs are a cult classic favorite, so why stick to one bag this year when you can buy two? Better yet, double that order and stay stocked on the bite size bursts of sweetness from now ‘til summer.


Amethyst/Lab-Created Sapphire Cross Necklace Sterling Silver

For a fancier treat this Easter, celebrate the true nature of the holiday by giving your loved one a gorgeous piece of religious jewelry that shows off their faith in stunning, sparkling style. Lab-created white saphhires provide dazzling pure light to highlight the beauty of the deep amethysts, and the classic cross shape will never go out of style, especially for Easter Sunday.

Kay Jewelers

Aurora World Precious Moments Luffie Lamb

Who can resist the sweetness of those classic Precious Moments sad eyes? Not us, that’s for sure. Grab this soft plush for the stuffed animal lover in your life who already has enough bunnies to last a lifetime.

Precious Moments

EggMazing Dinomazing Egg Decorator

This unique egg-decorating machine turns your little ones into amateur paleontologists by allowing them to color fun lines on their eggs before cracking them open to discover the prize inside. You’ll get one spinning machine, two eggs, and six markers for creative fun.

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