10 gorgeous jewelry pieces to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day

10 gorgeous jewelry pieces to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day
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We may have just gotten through the big holidays, but the top-tier day of romantic celebration is fast approaching: Valentine’s Day. 

Traditionally a blend of the Pagan festival Lupercalia and a celebration of early Christian martyrs, the origins of the day have mostly turned into something commercial that encourages couples, long-term and fledgling, to pay bask in the glory of love, lust, and all its intoxicating trappings for a mid-winter’s day. 

There are plenty of gifts to be given that represent your feelings for the recipient, but none are quite so appreciated and meaningful for many as jewelry. Keeping this in mind, we searched high and low for fun, meaningful pieces in a wide variety of budgets that will delight your date regardless of how far into things you may be. 

Whether it’s a simple pair of gold hoops or a more investment-worthy band of diamonds, keep reading to see which favorites we’ve rounded up for you to gift your special sweetheart this February 14th. 

Dosha Necklace - Silver - Aqua Chalcedony

While browsing for jewels, we got an unexpected tip from Glasgow-based economist and outdoors enthusiast James Black. James is the founder and editor of Wilderness Redefined, a website containing many helpful tips for those looking to expand their wild horizons camping, hiking, and otherwise adventuring in any number of ways. 

So why trust an outdoorsy type to suggest something beautiful for your sweetheart?

“I don't exactly fit your requirements,” James admits, “but I was researching for an article for my website recently–environmental sustainability is one of my themes–and came across a jewelry and accessory designer that may interest your more eco-aware readers.”

Zefyr is a sustainable and eco-friendy brand that is committed to ethical sourcing via upcycled materials and frequently funnels money from sales into good causes, such as Project Kajsiab in Laos which provides education and training to the hill tribe women of the region. 

Every piece from Zefyr comes with a postcard that tells its own individual story, so buy for someone very special to you who deserves to feel like the unique and beautiful soul they are. We love the simple yet radiant Dosha necklace above for its glowing charm and delicate construction that sits perfectly inside the wearer’s collarbone.


Made in Italy 60mm Hoop Earrings in 10K Gold Bonded Sterling Silver

“Both classic and playful accessory trends will dominate spring trends,” a representative for Piercing Pagoda told us before recommending this staple pair of gold hoops. The retailer might be known to many as a shopping mall staple, but their website displays an array of gorgeous precious metals and gems at quite an affordable price.

Made from sterling silver and bonded with 10k gold, these hoops are just under two and a half inches in diameter, making them bold enough to be seen but not so big they overpower a look. Call them the Goldilocks of gold hoops, if you will.

Piercing Pagoda

Lupus Spiritus Claw with Garnet

Cast from a real Grey Wolf claw and set with an exquisite rosecut red garnet, this made-to-order piece of jewelry is unlike any other on the planet and will vary slightly from piece to piece in color variation. What does that mean? It’s extremely special.

Not just a pretty hunk of silver, this necklace is imbued with rich symbolism from its NYC-based maker. “In alchemy, the wolf is the creature of the moon, silver & antimony,” explains designer Tesia Alexander in her vivid description. “The wolf is a contradiction representing both the warrior and the devil—the animal Rome and the god Mars… Wolves are are a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. They embody truth in heart and mind, and control over one's own life."

In addition, the garnet itself signifies love, loyalty, and commitment, making it an ideal gift for your true love.


Tiffany Novo Horizon Ring

Sophisticated and dainty, unusual but stunning: This delicate ring has all the hallmarks of a jewlery piece that makes it memorable and easy to love by its wearer.

Created from platinum, emerald-cut sapphire, and diamonds, this Tiffany & Co beauty is a good investment piece for couple’s not quite ready for engagement but moving that direction, or a long-term partner you want to truly dazzle as a reminder of your love. Its slim profile and quiet elegance make it lovely for daily wear when worn alone or stacked with another favorite ring for more impact.

Tiffany & Co.

Smallest Love Letter Charm

What’s more romantic than a love letter? Try an extra teensy one rendered in gold. Up to three lines of personalization make this an ultra-custom option that’s also subtle enough to be unisex for even the most masculine jewelry lovers, as you’ll see on the varied models rocking it when you click through to Catbird’s website.


Eternal Flower Open Ring, Yellow, Mixed Metal Finish

The magic of Swarovski crystals has never shown brighter than with this stunning cocktail ring, open and glimmering with white and yellow stones. This ring is for the fashion-forward and stylishly bold, but its graceful look will wow without looking gaudy. Buy for the person who loves to add a touch of something special to their ensemble every single day.


Croissant Dome Bracelet

Mejuri makes perfect jewelry for the person who wants to layer, mix and match, and play with different styles that work when worn alone and when stacked high with several other pieces from their line.  This baguette bracelet is a great starter for those who want to build a full collection of timeless, chic baubles that instantly elevate any look. 

If you really want to impress and have a little extra to spend, pair this bracelet with its coordinating ring found here, also in gold vermeil or sterling silver. 


Y’all Pendant Necklace

This necklace certainly isn’t for everyone, but in an informal poll conducted (aka this Appalachian writer texting several other girlfriends from below the Mason-Dixon line), it’s a hit with Southerners and goes perfectly with a pair of cowboy boots or a nice prairie dress. It also comes in silver or gold vermeil so you can complement your beloved’s personal style appropriately.

Kendra Scott

Michelle Set

Layered necklaces is a trend still going strong in 2021, so help your loved one stay in vogue by presenting them with one of these ready-to-wear pieces from Ana Luisa.

Hypoallergenic and made from gold-plated brass, this adornment is a gorgeous way to highlight a sensuous slice of décolletage. Ana Luisa is also a responsible company that offsets 100% of their carbon emissions and works hard to maintain fair pricing while also using in-house plating rather than outsourcing to places with questionable working practices.

Long story short, this piece and their others are hip and socially conscious, making for a gift that will please anyone who wants to look great and feel good while doing so.

Ana Luisa

Amour 14-karat gold and enamel hoop earrings

Traditional heart-shaped jewelry on Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly inventive or exciting, but these hoops manage to incorporate the motif without coming off overdone.

Dainty gold inlaid heart pop from their ivory base, giving a playful, precious feel. Their medium, slightly thick size is great for becoming the centerpiece of an accessory ensemble, so gift them to someone who prefers their precious cargo a little funky.

Alison Lou
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