8 best online sex toy stores for shameless shopping at home

Kelsey Chapman
Friday 28 May 2021 18:38
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As the late musical genius and expert provocateur George Michael once crooned, “Sex is natural, sex is good. Not everybody does it, but everybody should.” We couldn’t agree more.

Sometimes you need a little help in getting there, though, and so we sought out some incredible online sex toy boutiques that offer the best options in toys, clothes, accessories, furniture, and whatever else you may need to get the job done.

Maybe you’re looking for something as simple as a wand vibrator or something as complex as a latex ball gown for your next BDSM night, but either way, you’ll find what you need at one of these online stores.

Keep reading to find your new favorite way to shop for everything sex, and let the fun begin.

Best: Educational and queer-friendly

Spectrum Boutique describes itself as a “sex-positive toy store that has a no-nonsense approach to sexuality and sexual education.” We first became aware of the store via owner and “Dildo Duchess” Zoë Ligon’s raucous Instagram several years ago, a place where she posts a stream of hilarious, entertaining, moving, and always informative content frequently related to sexual health and the questions about it many are afraid to ask.

Based in Detroit, Spectrum has been around since 2015 and caters to all identities with equal enthusiasm. Toys and tools aren’t separated into gendered categories, thus making it a queer-friendly store where you can feel free to experiment with whatever catches your fancy. All products are 100% body safe and carefully selected by Zoë herself, so you’re always getting an educated stamp of approval on your purchase. Bonus: Shipping in the U.S. is free on orders over $99!

Best: Budget toys and lingerie

Adam & Eve is a go-to for many, and while it’s heavily gendered and a bit more old-fashioned by today’s standards, it’s still a great place to find a deal on basics like butt plugs and lacy lingerie.

Founded in 1971 (making it 50 years old!), Adam & Eve have always aimed to provide a clear, fair, and supportive service, even accepting 100% no-questions-asked on return items when they don’t work out for the buyer. The categories are easy to browse and offer hundreds of product options, and it’s generally easy to find at least some sort of discount on a single product using codes they release through email newsletters and sponsored influencers, so you’ll rarely pay full price for something you’re buying for just the fun of it.

A great product for any first-timers is the Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe. It’s not quite as powerful as the much-loved name brand Magic Wand, but it gets the job done and far outlasts its cheap price tag, perfect for those just starting to experiment.

Best: Woman-friendly store

The first Babeland was founded in 1993 in Seattle, Washington, to fill the empty niche of sex toy shops catered specifically to women. In addition to the original shop, there are three locations across New York City, and each focuses on guiltless pleasure, holistic sexual education, and a “Come For A Cause” philanthropy program that collects money to fund everything from sexuality workshops for marginalized people in the South to the Transgender Law Center, a trans-led organization focused on promoting self-determination for all.

In addition to their focus charitable work, Babeland carries everything you need to have a great time in your own bedroom. Anal toys, strap-ons, vibrators, couples’ toys–you name it, they carry it. Make sure to check our their selection of fun games for two (or more, if that’s your style) like 100 Questions About Sex to see if you’re as knowledgable as you think about the birds and bees.

Best: All-around

Lovehoney, like others on this list, began out of a desire to see a shift away from old school sex industry standards that centered male pleasure using degrading, aggressive, and off-putting imagery popular in and prior to the 1970s. The company was formed in 2002 by colleagues and friends Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst using Richard’s personal computer and apartment, and now they ship all over the world in plain brown boxes from warehouses in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

While they carry everything you’re generally looking for when you click on a sex toy website, Lovehoney also offers helpful advice on everything from “How To Buy Sexy Lingerie For Women” to guides to electro sex and chastity devices. Do a deep dive in this section to discover kinks you didn’t even know you had, then head to the shopping section to pick out a selection of new and exciting toys to explore them in your own home.

Best: Fetish wear; sex industry workers

Any New Yorker who’s spent time in the kink scene is familiar with Purple Passion. They carry a huge selection of latex wearables from opera gloves and basic cocktail dresses to intricate gowns by renowned designers in store, many of which are also available in their online boutique. Wet-look and other kinky fabrics also abound in numerous styles, as does a wall of collars and harnesses ready for your perusal in a judgement-free zone run by experienced, no-nonsense professionals who’ve seen (and likely done) it all.

As you’ll see on the website, Purple Passion also carries a huge range of toys to complement your new fetish look, and you’ll be impressed by their selection of lubricants designed for every slippery situation imaginable. Bonus: If you work in the industry, ask about special discounts on applicable products you’ll need for your job.

Best: Personalized Experience

Good Vibes is a sexual health and wellness toy retailer that has its roots in San Fransisco, formed in 1977 by sex educator Joani Blank who sadly passed in 2016. She was a pioneer in sex positivity and the learning process of pleasure, and the company’s initial focus on women’s pleasure in addition to men’s has shifted into a broader discussion of gender spectrum and identity topics to form an inclusive and healthy place for everyone.

In addition to the broad educational and playtime tools, Good Vibes also offers personalized advice via a free virtual appointment with a sex educator. Whatever you’re looking to improve upon or enhance, someone on the team will be ready to talk you through it and hopefully leave you happier than ever with your sex life.

Best: New store

Overkink is a newcomer to the sex store scene, but they’re already making waves and getting talked about by the likes of Cosmo and Allure. Owner Jaycee Chester offers this powerful mission statement on the website:

Overkink is a 100% black owned, women-owned business. While many people struggle with open sexuality, the black community has long harbored negativity surrounding sex-positive thinking. As a black-owned business, Overkink strives to break that mold and cultivate an openly intimate space to discuss, be curious, and explore.”

You can easily find a number of fun, innovative toys to get you off by searching through Overkink’s offerings (check out buyer fave vibe The Rose), but don’t miss the sex furniture and pole sections for unexpected inspiration to transform your space into something more conducive to an active sex life.

Best: Luxury toys

Gwyneth Paltrow catches plenty of flack for her silly-named, outrageously overpriced online store/wellness hub/whatever you wanna call it website Goop, but her team knows their stuff when it comes to lavish sex toys.

The offerings are highly curated and each special in their own way, catering to a high-end crowd of big spenders who love sex and want the most out of it at any cost. This doesn’t always translate to prohibitive pricing, however, and plenty of the wares available on Goop are affordable, most clocking in at under $100. Shopper favorites include the currently waitlist-only Vesper Vibrator Necklace (sign up, it’s a must-have) and the stylish Double Sided Wand Vibrator with its kitschy, millennial pink design.


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