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Try our favorite spritz cocktails to toast the arrival of summer

Try our favorite spritz cocktails to toast the arrival of summer

The best spritz cocktails for toasting the arrival of summer

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We're still a few weeks out from its official arrival but in anticipation of summer, celebrate with al fresco drinks and imbibe under the sun this weekend with a refreshing, bubbly cocktail that dances across your tongue with the bright flavors of summer.

Below we celebrate a few of our favorites, offering up simple, no-fuss recipes that don't require precise measurements or fancy bar equipment to create. Simply pour in our suggested liqueurs, add some bubbly and soda water, and garnish as desired to get the perfect vacation-worthy cocktail in your own home.

If the ratios we suggest aren't quite to your taste, feel free to experiment with your own and get creative! Speaking as someone with years of bartending experience myself, trust me: There's practically no way to mess up a spritz. Cheers!

The Aperol Spritz

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Aperol Spritz

The reigning supreme of all summer spritz cocktails, the Aperol Spritz is the perfectly sweet-but-not-cloying blend of Italian aperitivo brilliance thanks to bright, citrusy orange, powerful root flavors, and a hint of vanilla for smoothness set off by a mixture of bubbly and soda to tickle the taste buds. Concoct the perfect Aperol Spritz at home like this:

1. Fill a large wine glass with ice, or go all-in with special branded Aperol glasses

2. Pour in one part of Aperol (pour heavy for a more pungent flavor)

3. Add two parts of prosecco (Mionetto is a cheap, beautiful option)

4. Top with a heavy splash of club soda

5. Garnish with a generous orange slice and enjoy!


Campari Spritz

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Campari Spritz

The Campari Spritz is the more bitter, colorful cousin to the Aperol recipe seen above. It's less sweet with more alcohol than its more popular counterpart, but the recipe remains the same so follow the ratios listed for the Aperol Spritz if you enjoy a richer and dare we say medicinal (in a great way) flavor. As shown here, it works just as well in a rocks glass as it does in a goblet or wine glass.


Lavender Spritz

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Lavender Spritz

Following the same basic formula, the Lavender Spritz is a refreshingly floral way to enjoy the soothing flavor and aroma of one of the most gorgeous flowering plants on the planet. You'll want a twist for color, though, and it happens to be one with an extra kick for those boozy brunches on the patio:

1. Fill a rocks glass or wine glass with ice

2. Pour in one part of Wild Moon lavender liqueur

3. Pour in two parts of Empress Gin to add a deliciously purple hue and raise the alcohol content

4. Fill the glass to nearly the top with prosecco

5. Finish with a splash of soda and a lavender sprig for garnish

This cocktail is also beautiful when served without ice in a champagne flute by simply using the same ratio of liqueur to liquor to prosecco, but skip the soda for a more concentrated burst of flavor.

Wild Moon

St-Germain Spritz

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St-Germain Spritz

St-Germain is one of those liqueurs with a flavor that, after one sip, entrances some to keep returning for the unique, stunning, and charismatic effect it has on the taste buds. When mixed with a touch of citrus and prosecco, it's a natural choice for warm-weather refreshment. Try it as follows

–Fill a highball glass with ice

–Pour one part of St-Germain over the ice

–Add one to two parts of vodka depending on your preferred strength – we love Tito's!

–Fill with prosecco

–Optional: Add a splash of lemon juice or citrusy syrup to brighten the flavor

–Garnish with a lemon wedge

And voila! You have one of the most delicious and unexpected takes on the spritz out there.

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