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The must-buy Trader Joe’s products, according to a White House chef

The must-buy Trader Joe’s products, according to a White House chef
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Former celebrity White House chef and military veteran Andre Rush says that when he’s at work, the mansion’s vegetable garden is a boon for the meals he prepares.

But when he’s off the clock, he likes to shop at the popular neighborhood grocery store, Trader Joe’s.

Rush told Insider that he’s had an appreciation for Trader Joe’s even before it got popular - because he thought it was so unique.

“You open up a Cracker Jack box, and inside you get something different every time,” Rush told Insider.

So, what are Rush’s must-buy items to get at Trader Joe’s? Wood-plank salmon and chocolate milk!

He also notes that he has favorites at the store but ends up buying “90% of things” he’s “never tried before,” which is essential to diversifying tastebuds.

Like most people, he enjoys the “savory and sweet with pastries” and “proteins” but ultimately likes to explore all the food options the store has to offer.

“… Trader Joe’s is kind of like a novelty store to me where I can go in, and I can just kind of play a little bit.”

Rush is a retired Master Sergeant and one of the top chefs in the United States military. He served as chef to four presidents, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

Insider also reports that HarperCollins will publish Rush’s memoir, “Call Me Chef, Dammit! A Journey From the Rural South to White House,” in the fall.

He’s also known for his advocacy efforts in military service and suicide prevention and does 2,222 push-ups a day to promote a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about Chef Andre Rush, visit his website here.

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