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7 best gifts to spoil pets and their owners this year

7 best gifts to spoil pets and their owners this year
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'Tis the season for spoiling the whole family, and anyone worth their weight in biscuits knows that includes the family pets. From delicious treats to new toys, it's always fun to wrap up a little something extra for the critters so they get to feel like part of the action once the paper starts flying.

While pet owners are busy stocking up on new bones, make sure you're looking after them as well with something great to celebrate the love they share with their canine and feline friends. The world of customized goods is vast and infinitely varied, but we narrowed down a few beautiful options and scattered them in here to give you ideas on which might work best this holiday season.

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Wufers Advent Cookie Calendar

What's better to a dog than a cookie? 24 of them, of course.

The Wufers Advent Cookie Calendar makes for a fun activity every day of December leading up to Christmas as you and your beloved pet discover a new treat behind each adorable door. The first 23 treats are mini bones, then on Christmas Eve, they'll get to chow down on a special paw cookie before settling in for Santa's big visit.

The cookies are baked with human-grade ingredients and arrive in a boutique gold foil box, each handmade and decorated by a team of dedicated dog folks. If you're watching your pet's weight and want to space treats out a bit more, take comfort in knowing they have a 15-month shelf life.


Bark Shop - Gordon The Giant Sloth

He may look slow and unassuming, but there's something special about Gordon the Giant Sloth that pups just can't resist.

From personal experience as someone who has three senior Chihuahuas, Gordon is by far the most played with toy among my picky brood's collection. My oldest dog, Jasper, has four teeth left in his whole head and still can't gnaw and snuggle with his sloth enough. It's particularly cute when he falls asleep with Gordon as his pillow!

A friend and employee at Bark tipped me off to its popularity with her own dog, a large boxer mix, and swore it was a hit with her associate's pets as well. She was right, and apparently Gordon is one of the company's best-selling toys. Grab one for your own dog and see what this slovenly magic maker is all about.


MignonandMignon Personalized Pet Necklace

This is a real showstopper for friends who love to show off their pets.

For under $20, you get a customized necklace with the image of any beloved pet engraved onto it with their name etched below. The charms come in gold, silver, or rose gold, sure to please even the pickiest jewelry wearer.

The reviews are filled with adorable pictures, but this one really tugs at the heart:

"I lost my sweet girl in a fire and decided to get this necklace, and I bawled like a baby when I opened it. It looks exactly like her picture and I couldn’t be more happy with it."


Custom Personalized Photo Pet Face Socks

Similar to the pendant above, these socks are emblazoned with a custom pet face in a repeating pattern that will have their owner cracking up every time they look down. They come in a vast array of color combinations and can also have human faces (though who wants that over puppies??), so get meta with Christmas this year and stuff some stockings with these goofy socks.


Bocce's Bakery Lumps of Coal

If your little buddy has been particularly rotten lately but you still can't really punish them, give them some little lumps of coal to chew on Christmas morning.

Flavored with peanut butter and filled with actual charcoal, these treats settle upset tummies and taste great while doing so for hounds who indulged a little too much on scrap turkey. They're also wheat- and preservative-free and 100% USA-made, so treat your pet with the peace of mind knowing they're indulging healthfully.

Bocce's Bakery

The General - Custom Pet Blanket

This is a gift sure to please owners and pets alike as they cuddle up to the replicated visage of their four-legged friend dressed in their most regal and decorated finery.

Crown & Paw has several customizable gifts with which to spoil animal lovers, but this blanket is a particular favorite. The dye used is guaranteed fade-proof, and only the softest sherpa fleece is used for an impeccably cozy touch.

You can also customize the outfit and size, so no worries if you're not vibing with the high-collar look. Browse the site's categories from Renaissance to Sports in order to find the perfect choice.

Crown & Paw

Willowear Personalized Red Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

Every dog looks cute as a button in a bandana, so why not step it up and get one emblazoned with their name?

These cuties are made with 100% cotton and quality-sewn to ensure a picture perfect construction and fit. Sizes range from small to extra large with no additional charge for bigger buds.

"The fabric is nice, thick, and soft and her name is written clearly and vividly," one reviews raves before noting they make wonderful gifts. "I'm very happy with this product! I'm already thinking about ordering a couple of more for my family's dogs!"

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