Lisa Frank is back! Here are our favorite items featuring the fun retro designs

Lisa Frank is back! Here are our favorite items featuring the fun retro designs
Lisa Frank

Every few years, a series of products featuring the famous technicolor fantasy works of Lisa Frank come back around and capture our wistful eye, reeling in the (mostly) millennials who coveted her fantastical pieces around their peak trendiness in the 1990s.

Some years back, it was a line of clothing for adults that continues to be sold on this official website. More recently, it was makeup brand Morphe’s use of several classic designs to create dazzling rainbow eyeshadow palettes and accompanying beauty tools for this popular line (more on that below). And now, as the designer announced on Instagram, select school supplies are back in Walmart and Target for back-to-school season to celebrate their 30th anniversary in the Lisa Frank universe.

To commemorate, we have put together a list of our favorite products currently for sale that feature the cosmically colorful works in a way that evokes equal parts nostalgia, wonder, and delight. Whether you want to organize notes and papers in an all-new folder or start your makeup routine with a cheery palette of LF-inspired shades, you’re sure to find something that brings you a smile below.

Spiral Notebook 1 Subject Wide Ruled Lisa Frank Design 2

Now this is what we’re talking about.

With 75 blank pages inside, this is the perfect single subject notebook for jotting down notes, scribbling pictures, or simply carrying around for journaling purposes when you need to reconnect to the angsty pre-teen inside. The adorable unicorn pair is an iconic Lisa Frank image greatly suited to inspire you to dream big and let your creativity flow.

It’s also wonderful for gifting to young folks in your life now of a certain age who love fun, colorful artwork and will grow to cherish this classic art the same way an entire generation of us millennials have.

Lisa Frank

Spiral Notebook 1 Subject Wide Ruled Lisa Frank Design 3

This one is the same deal as above, but with a more playful scene featuring frolicking dolphins playing catch with a beach ball. Gift this one to the future marine biologist in your life.

Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank Glitter 2 Pocket Paper Folder, 3-Hole Punched, Assorted Designs

Need to organize your papers and want to do so in style? You’re in luck, because these incredible folders are less than $1 each! As one buyer says:

“Lisa Frank...need I say more?!?! Yes, I may be a 30 year old woman living vicariously through my 7 year old daughter’s school supplies. Seeing these designs bring back so many childhood memories and I’m glad my daughter thinks Lisa Frank designs are awesome too.” As for the actual product itself, the folders are well made and are not flimsy. It holds a lot of paper and the graphics/colors on the folder are great too!”


Morphe x Lisa Frank 35B by Lisa Frank Artistry Palette

This palette sold out the first time around when released last year, so Morphe brought it back and there are still two versions of the adorable booklet it comes in available to purchase.

In true Morphe form, it features 35 colors that range from soft, neutral transition shades to bright neons, and each is blendable and works well with the others in the palette.

Writer’s note: I personally own this palette and have for months, and it continues to be one I regularly reach for due to its versatility, quality, and large heart-shaped mirror inside that makes application easy. The shadows out-perform their price point with this one (not always the case with Morphe), and the packaging is genuinely some of the best I’ve seen in a nostalgia palette.


Morphe x Lisa Frank Paint It Neutral Lip Crayon Trio

If bright shadows aren’t quite your speed, give these neutral trio of lip shades a try. The product is easy to use and still comes in amazing retro packaging, and the shades are flattering on a wide shade of skin tones. You’ll also save $5 for buying them as a set.


Ballerina Bunnies Mug

Want to brighten your day by sipping from a cute mug? Try one adorned with a precious trio of ballerina bunnies who will dance and prance their way into your heart each time you reach for a morning cup.

Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank Sticker Super Pack -- Lisa Frank Sticker Box and Sticker Pack with Over 2,200 Stickers

If you want to cover basically everything you own in Lisa Frank stickers, you can’t go wrong with this pack. You’ll get more than 2,200 of the things in countless designs and various sizes from tiny to large.

Lisa Frank
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