LGBT+ owned brands to support this Pride month and beyond

LGBT+ owned brands to support this Pride month and beyond

LGBT+ owned brands to support this Pride month and beyond

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By this year, those of us in the LGBTQ+ community are pretty much over the rainbow capitalism of mega-retailers slapping some generic and misused Drag Race quotes on a plain tee shirt and marking it up 25% to bait well-meaning allies into snatching it up for the local bank-sponsored parade. But we still have to (and want to!) shop, so why not support members of our own community?

Below are some brands we're buying into this Pride month and beyond, all owned by someone or a group of folks who fall into the gay, lesbian, trans, nonbinary, queer, and other categories under the rainbow. While this list is starting off fairly short, check back as we continue to add to it throughout the year.


Pride Month, and most other months if we're being honest, can be filled with pressure-laden parties where you're expected to drink heavily to keep up with other intoxicated guests. Not everyone is into getting sloshed, though, and alternatives are important!

That's where luxury-infused soda brand Cann comes in: Each drink contains a small amount of THC and CBD for the chill, relaxing vibe you're looking to build can flourish at a slower pace. Celebrities like Darren Criss and Gwyneth Paltrow have endorsed the brand, the latter of whom calls it "a different kind of buzz – mellow, drinkable, and nice for sipping in the sun."

Browse the site now for refreshing seasonal flavors like Ginger Lemongrass, Golden Citrus Bark Lite, and year-round specialty Blood Orange Cardamom.

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch creates ethical, conscientious clothing inspired by menswear designs. Founded by Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, the company wanted to meet the demands of an increasingly gender-defying population who might be tired of the same shapeless, neutral sacks we often see marketed as "nonbinary clothing."

"As women who tend to gravitate towards button-up shirts and bow ties," they note on the website, "we often find ourselves envying the clothes in the men's section, but are always frustrated because they are not designed to fit a woman's body." The company's name is an homage to the iconic fictional tomboys Georgina Kirrin from The Famous Five series and Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, and they are committed to "giving back to the LGBTQ+ community and empowering women" – read their full story to find out more, then start shopping browsing. We recommend checking out the amazing suit section first.

Kirrin Finch SuitKirrin Finch


One of our favorite sex toy stores in the world is actually "a proud Queer-founded shop" and is committed to promoting healthy sexual exploration for people of all identities and orientations year-round. Check out their Pride-specific shop and take $30 off orders over $150 with code 30JUNE.

Trixie Cosmetics

In case you're not familiar with the world-famous drag queen with a passion for makeup artistry, where have you been, Mary?! Trixie is an icon and multi-hyphenate who simply can't stop becoming more famous thanks to winning Drag Race All Stars 3, becoming a successful recording artist, the immense popularity of the long-running web series UNHhhhh alongside bestie Katya, and countless world tours, and the upcoming Discovery+ series Trixie Motel.

Anyway! She also makes incredible makeup that you can snag for very affordable prices. Trixie's passion for a dramatic cheek means the company's blush palettes are the main draw here but don't sleep on the eye shadow, lip products, merch, and more.

One Size Cosmetics

Created by makeup artist and social media sensation Patrick Star, One Size cosmetics runs on the simple philosophy that "Makeup is a One/Size fits all" product. As a personal devotee of the line, the Ultimate Setting Powder is truly worth every ounce of its incredible hype – it blurs, sets, and ensures my makeup doesn't smudge even after intense workouts (I will never stop wearing makeup to the gym) or long nights out in Brooklyn.

Another favorite is the Turn Up The Base Butter Silk Concealer, which glides on and melts in, providing full coverage without the caked-on look and stays put through water, sweat, oil, and whatever else you can throw at it. And if you're looking to add drama, consider these incredibly lush lashes, ideal for a birthday party or other special event where you want all eyes on you.

Full-On Faux LashesOne/Size Beauty


Enby is a Black/Trans-owned business and "one-stop shop for all things lusty" that believes "all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure." They commit to this mission by providing not only fun sex toys like your standard vibrators and dildos, but also a wide range of gender-affirming tools like packers, dilators, harnesses, binders, and more.

If you're into the aesthetics of the various flags of the rainbow, check out Enby's current Avant collection of colorful plugs and dildos. And if you're looking for something to gift your favorite kinkster who already has it all when it comes to toys, you won't anything sweeter than this adorable bondage teddy bear.

Automic Gold

Speaking of gifts, how about an online store full of gorgeous, unique jewelry that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Self-described as "radically wearable fine jewelry for everyone," Automic Gold prides itself on a few tenets: They do not photoshop models, they hire "size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models all year round, not just for awareness months," all pieces are made from reclaimed gold and arrive in recyclable packaging, and they never take money from investors, meaning zero values are compromised in the creation of your jewelry.

Automic Gold offers delicate, gender-neutral pieces in gold, silver, and platinum displaying various motifs from snakes to initials to meaningful birthstone options – and don't neglect the customs section! All jewelry is organized in multiple ways including by type and price point, and most pieces are offered in more than one material or style like our personal favorite, the Cross Charm that comes in yellow, champagne, white, or rose gold, and you can get it with two variants of the top ring for easy placement on a necklace or earring – George Michael would be proud.

Snake EarringAutomic Gold


Female-founded, female-led, and committed to comfort that looks beautiful and makes every woman feel her best, Leota specializes in bold prints that have great stretch and amazing quality to withstand the test of many wears. Sizes start at XXS and run through standard XXL or 5X in the plus range, nearly anyone can find something they love here – there's even an entire kids' line!

While the styles, prints, solids, and polka dots are all equally tempting to buy for work or play, we're especially digging the animal print section that offers a fun, colorful take on the traditional motif. We're also entranced by the separates, which could easily be used to build a breezy capsule wardrobe that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed each morning.

Mindy Skirt in Ruby Rose Leota

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