7 best paid workout streams according to personal trainers and fitness experts

7 best paid workout streams according to personal trainers and fitness experts
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Working out from home is an amazing option for staying on track when you don't feel like schlepping to the gym or inclement weather prevents a nice, long walk outdoors. We may have been relegated to cheesy workout videos in the past that were one-size-fits-all, but streaming is the name of the game these days and personalized attention to your every movement and goal is simply one click, or Zoom, away.

To get the lowdown on some of the best and most interesting workouts currently available on streaming platforms, we talked to fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers about their current offerings and how to join in on the fun. From Zoom Zumba to at-home, mindfulness-centered retreats, here are eight of the current best fitness streams you can purchase right now, with most costing less than one month's dues at a standard gym.

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Mile High Run Club Virtual Classes

Mile High Run Club is a New York-based organization who truly believe running and the exercise that go with it are a wonderful way to improve every aspect of your life from the reality of “runner’s high” to the basic improvement of bodily functions from metabolism, energy levels, and even reproductive health.

They’re currently offering online course to assist even the greenest beginners, and coach Yusuf Jeffers, a former collegiate sprinter and basketball athlete whose laundry list of qualifications include being a USTFCCCA, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and former longtime track coach, offered up the following info to tell us more about what newbies can expect:

“Mile High’s online classes are a series of workouts that, much like our in studio offerings, are led by a group of expert running coaches designed to deliver the best running specific drills, exercises, and tips for all levels of runners. Each Strength (Upper or Lower body focused), Core Blast, or Guided Run is individually programmed by the Coach and delivered in a simple, scalable, challenging, and effective format that will help with a combination of strength, speed, form, endurance and ultimately becoming a better runner.”

The classes start at $15 for one coach class as an introductory rate.

Mile High Run Club

The Jillian Michaels Fitness App

Jillian Michaels is one of the best-known names in fitness. She’s probably best known on a national scale for her extensive stints as a trainer on popular TV show The Biggest Loser along with its spinoff Losing It With Jillian Michaels, plus countless other appearances, workout DVDs, positions on fitness panels–you name it, she’s worked it out.

This hefty resume is only one reason her incredibly popular fitness app is as successful as it is, and continues to be one of the best options out there for anyone looking to get the Jillian experience in the comfort of their own home. Jillian says the app “has been awarded by both Apple and Google - not only does it offer custom workout plans based on your specific fitness level and goals, but it also includes customizable meal plans to follow throughout the training period regardless of dietary restrictions, a free daily 5-minute circuit, and access to over 1000+ unique exercises with an HD video to help you perfect your form, and so much more.”

And if Jillian’s own style isn’t perfect for your routine, there are workouts from other trainers throughout the world providing workouts that promise to be a perfect fit for you. A free 7-day trial let’s you test the waters, after which you will be billed either monthly, quarterly, or yearly, with discounts racking up should you choose to stick with it.

Click through now to find a sale on an annual membership at just $89.99 instead of the usual $119.99.

Jillian Michaels


ClassPass is a program you can literally never tire of thanks to their staggering number of classes offered up daily via livestream. As they put it themselves,

ClassPass now offers 50,000 livestream classes a week, with options including yoga, HIIT, Pilates, dance, boxing and more. Pick from a variety of classes taught by personal trainers and your favorite fitness studios knowing that 100% of revenue will go directly back to the instructors through June 1st.”

The company also notes the convenience of being able to stream classes from anywhere, with the added fun of being able to workout alongside friends from all over the world should you choose to enroll. Perks like unlimited free access to over 4,000 workouts and the ability to pay as you go sweeten the deal. Class price will vary, but monthly memberships start at $19.


Movement Vault

Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, and CSCS, takes his own unique approach that’s been used in his work with NFL, MLB, professional tennis players, professional CrossFitters and more to apply movements and methods that will tackle physical fitness holistically without compromising personal health in the process. As he himself explained to us: “Movement Vault is a subscription website that helps users alleviate pain, decrease injury, and increase flexibility and mobility. Ultimately we help you increase performance in life and in the gym.

A new video routine is made available every day for subscribers, and those videos can be streamed anywhere at any time with little or even no equipment necessary to complete the workout.

“The techniques we teach are not the same old, cookie cutter/average stretches and exercises you may have seen on youtube or elsewhere, or the stretches you may currently be doing,” Dr. Wickham continues, adding, “Our techniques are based on science, backed by research, and are the most effective techniques that get results in the shortest amount of time.”

Like many others on this list, pricing varies based on how far in advance you’re willing to commit and starts at the $9.99 per month tier after a free 7-day trial.

Movement Vault

Fhitting Room

NYC’s own HIIT (high intensity interval training) studio Fhitting Room took the quarantine in stride by introducing a completely virtual workout that lets those who like to sweat it out in fragments and still want to have two-way interaction with a trainer while they do it. Fhitting Room LIVE will feature classes at all skill levels with special classes catering to new and expectant mothers, seniors, kids age 9 to 12, and more.

“Our goal is to keep our community safe and strong, both mentally and physically while continuing to operate a thriving business,” Fhitting Room Founder, Kari Saitowitz tells us of the new launch.

Classes are $20, which is half the in-studio charge, and are available every day of the week during scheduled times. Private/Private Group LIVE classes are also available for families, friends or colleagues who would like to do a class together from their homes.


Bianca Russo Fitness

Fitness can be intimidating for those who don't quite match the idealized model of what a gym-goer looks like, but that doesn't mean folks who don't fall into the typical standards for beauty, body type, sexuality, or gender identity should be dissuaded from pursuing their own goals.

Bianca Russo provides an approach that gives those people and more just that by providing a welcoming atmosphere where you can sweat "in the absence of unsolicited diet-talk and any weight-loss industry bullsh*t," as she says up front on her website. Choose from the virtual group or personal training options, or go with a fun Zoom Zumba class to get your heart pumping, and see what Bianca's teachings can do for you.

Bianca Russo

Courtney V’s Pelvic Floor & Core Workouts

This next workout is unique in that it focuses not only on becoming more fit and toned, but also hones in on strengthening the pelvic floor to help folks like new mothers or those with incontinence issues overcome those and get a rock-hard core in the process.

Instructor Courtney Virden is a fitness trainer, pelvic floor expert, and regular contributor to Kourtney Kardashian’s wellness-focused website Poosh, and describes her work as “online core and pelvic floor programs [that] are designed for all women for better sex, to reduce/eliminate pelvic floor issues (such as peeing when you sneeze and jump), improve posture, and to help women look and feel their best.”

Various tiers are available on Courtney’s website, and all include helpful tools like a library of full-body workouts, a 75-page pelvic floor e-book, and access to her private Facebook community where you can talk to others using the programs.

Courtney V
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