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Andrew Tate visited Piers Morgan and took extreme measures to deal with hatred of London

Andrew Tate visited Piers Morgan and took extreme measures to deal with hatred of London
Andrew Tate called out for misogynistic comments by Piers Morgan

Andrew Tate is not a fan of London.

On Tuesday, Tate, 36, joined Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored for a second time to speak about his worldviews, online career, thoughts on Meghan Marke, and more.

But in nearly all of his speaking points, Tate expressed how disappointed he is in the state of the UK, specifically in major cities like London.

“It’s falling apart, it’s a failed society by every metric you could possibly measure it,” Tate said citing the cost of living crisis and crime rates.

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Tate attributed London’s supposed failure to its leadership, specifically mayor Sadiq Khan who Tate called "a loser."

The controversial online personality is so disgusted by London that he took some extreme measures to ensure he wouldn’t have to spend any more time than needed in the city.

“I made it very clear to my private jet pilot, I said ‘fuel the jet, leave it running because the second I’m finished talking to Piers I’m leaving this cesspit it’s disgusting,’” Tate said.

The internet personality speaks often about his wealth, like owning expensive cars, spending on yachts, and using private jets.

While looking down on London, Tate looks up to Dubai and thinks London, and the UK, can learn a thing or two from the city.

"If you look at Dubai in the UAE the leadership there is so flawless, so genuinely genius they saw ahead and built almost a Utopia," Tate said. "Then you look at London, you can't even walk around with a watch on - it's disgusting."

He then said he walks around with six bodyguards to feel safe:

"I was in Harrod's yesterday and somebody tried to rob somebody's watch in the store. I walk around with a security team of six full grown men plus me and my brother, eight military-aged males all over 110 kilos. Big men, just so I can walk around this city, it's absolutely unacceptable."

He went on to condemn the UK for "virtue signaling" issues during the Qatar World Cup like their stance on homosexuality rather than harshly punishing crimes committed in London.

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