Andrew Tate says anyone celebrating the Queen's death is 'evil'
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Andrew Tate has been confronted on 'misogynistic' comments by Piers Morgan during a fiery interview.

The influencer was banned from TikTok, Meta, and YouTube earlier this year after they stated he was sharing “hateful” ideas about women and masculinity in viral clips.

The pair were speaking on Morgan’s TalkTV show, Piers Morgan: Uncensored, when the host questioned Tate about his inflammatory previous comment.

Tate previously said that he finds women aged 18 or 19 more attractive than women over the age of 25.

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"That is misogyny," Morgan said, referencing the comments.

When Tate questioned why, the presenter said: "Because you are encouraging a mindset about 25-year-old women that makes them sound to be infinitely less desirable than 18/19-year-olds and having effectively too much sex to be taken in a more respectful way."

Tate replied: "Firstly, even if that was the case that wouldn’t be misogyny. That’s not misogyny because that’s not anti-women, I’m not saying that an 18 or 19-year-old woman would be more desirable. Anti 25-year-old women we can argue, but not misogyny."

Morgan hit back: "Being anti any woman at all is misogyny.”

The influencer was challenged by the presenter TalkTV

"Not when I’m saying women are beautiful and attractive at a certain age… ageist perhaps, but misogynistic absolutely not,” Tate said.

“...You said it was misogyny, I’m telling you no it’s not,” he added.

Morgan went on to say: "If a 26-year-old woman is watching this and has heard those comments, would you just say to her, ‘Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that’?"

"No, I won’t. I would say that I’m sorry that offends you. However, there’s a large contingent of the world that… I’m not sorry. I’m sorry if that offends you,” Tate added.

Tate was also previously kicked off Twitter in 2017 for comments he made about women, saying those affected by sexual assault should “bare some responsibility” – appearing to blame them for the abuse received.

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