Some hero invented a desk you can nap in

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Picture: Shutterstock / Elnur

The afternoon slump struggle is real. We’ve all been working away at our desks when, all of a sudden, our eyelids begin to droop and we drag ourselves to the kettle just to avoid dropping off.

But now – a designer has solved all your drowsy desk-related worries. Athanasia Leivaditou has come up with the bright idea of a desk/bed hybrid that would allow you to nap at work.

The idea was inspired by Leivaditou’s own problems of living in a cramped apartment in New York.

All you need to do, when the mid-afternoon lull hits, is slide back the desk surface and fold the back of the desk down to make the mattress.

The product isn’t yet available to buy – but all that means is you have enough time to put together an office petition for replacement desks.

Here’s a video showing the bed/desk in action: 

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