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Let's face it - we all think we're not getting enough sleep.

Chances are you drag yourself from bed in the morning like a leaden animal carcass. Will your brain into activity with some coffee and stumble into work, bleary-eyed and irritable.

But just how sleep deprived are you, really?

Interior designers Hillary's have created a Lost Sleep Calculator, to determine whether you're sleeping enough and if not, how much you're losing per week, month, year, and so on.

Picture:Picture: Screenshot / Hillarys.co.uk

The company also surveyed 2,550 Britons to find out what keeps them awake at night.

It found that relationships, rows and worries all contribute to lost sleep, as well as physical factors such as aches, noise or discomfort.

Picture:Picture: Screenshot / Hillarys.co.uk

Picture:Picture: Screenshot / Hillarys.co.uk

It even (just to hammer the point home) calculates what useful activities you could do with that 'lost sleep' time, including reading the Chilcot report - multiple times.

Forget that tired old homily: "You can sleep when you're dead".

It's enough to make you want to head straight to bed...

H/T: Daily Mail

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