This Instagrammer is turning the dirtiest cars into works of art

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Picture: Instagram / @proboynick

Filthy cars and vans in Moscow, Russia are being turned into amazing works of art, but not quite how you'd expect.

Russian illustrator Nikita Golubev (aka @proboynick) epitomises the world being a canvas by showing one person's dirt is another's paint.


The works of art are 'painted' onto parked, dirty cars leaving amazing, albeit fragile drawings


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These two blue lilies were a much needed addition to this rust and dirt laden van


#morningexercises #dustbrushing #instaart #newtecnique #owl

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Another has been graced by the striking face of an owl.


Why would you want to clean your car after seeing this? 


Golubev's dirt converted into art project is gathering a major following, with some pictures getting over 600 likes in a few days.



#Prayer #Durer #dirtycarart #dustpainting #dustbrushing #classics #alaprima

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