Just Britain First threatening to hang their "pro-EU, Islamist-loving" opponents at the Tower of London

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Far-right organisation Britain First has told supporters via a newsletter that it intends to punish its enemies with "good old fashioned British justice at the end of a rope."

In an email with the subject heading “London's Last Stand”, the organisation wrote that "pro-EU, Islamist-loving...traitors" would endure a "Day of Reckoning" at the Tower of London.

They think they can get away with ruining our country, turning us into a Third World country, giving away our homes, jobs and heritage, but they will face the wrath of the Britain First movement, make no mistake about it!

We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country.

And by punished, I mean good old fashioned British justice at the end of a rope!

The newsletter, penned by deputy leader Jayda Fransen, was seeking funds as the group endorses Paul Golding to contest the London mayoral election next year.


The race is "a great opportunity for us to get our message across... in some of the worst areas of London," Fransen wrote.

This is literally the "last chance" to help London before it completely becomes a foreign city, with hardly any Brits left.

This campaign is London's 'last stand'.

Jayda Fransen (left) in the BBC Documentary 'We Want Our Country Back' (Picture: BBC Three)

Britain First's campaign is unlikely to pose any threat to Labour candidate Sadiq Khan and Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith, though, if the public's usual reaction to the group's activities is anything to go by.

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