Man arrested after replying to his own most wanted ad on Facebook

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Yet another criminal has been caught out thanks to the marvels of social media.

Butler County Sheriff's Office on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio, recently put a 'most wanted' post on Facebook calling for any information on Andrew Dale Marcum.

The 21-year-old was wanted on "numerous warrants" and was said to have had a past history of burglary, safe-cracking, abduction, assault, domestic violence and criminal endangering - the Sheriff's Office therefore warned members of the public not to approach the man but instead to dial 911 if they saw him. Luckily for the people of Butler County and the Sheriff's Office itself, Marcum did all the hard work for them. The man - or at least a man with exactly the same name and a profile photo that looked remarkably like him - then replied to the message.
As BuzzFeed points out, the Sheriff's Office then replied to him asking if he fancied popping into the station:
Sheriff Richard Jones even had a pop on Twitter:

With mounting pressure now coming from two different social media sites, Marcum handed himself in. Sadly for him, the taunting wasn't quite over:

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