Teenager challenges police to arrest him, gets arrested

Teenager challenges police to arrest him, gets arrested

After taunting police with the enticing challenge of "haha catch me if you can wont see me slipping", a teenage suspect was caught and arrested by police shortly afterwards.

Logan Rhys James was wanted by Gwent Police for breaching his licence condition after being released from jail on 6 February - he had served eight months in prison for a street knife attack.

After he failed to maintain contact with police on his release the teenager was recalled to prison. The police force therefore posted a message on its Facebook wall appealing for information from the public.

The 19-year-old, who told a local news agency that it would take "at least a month or two before they [the police] get me", was arrested within 48 hours of his taunt.

Police said he was arrested in Caerphilly on Sunday at 5.50pm and was being held in police custody.

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