A Russian model took this photo and somehow lived to tell the tale

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Picture: Viki Odintcova/Instagram

This is definitely one way to make your Instagram stand out from the crowd.

Russian model Viktoria Odintcova is not content with just taking selfies. So she travelled all the way to Dubai for this jaw-dropping - and frankly pretty crazy - photo shoot.

With seemingly no safety equipment or harnesses, she appears to dangle from the edge of a skyscraper while hanging on to the arm of her photographer.


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And in case you think it might be photoshopped, she also posted a behind the scenes video.


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Odinstcova started posting the series on her Instagram in January.


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While many have been impressed with the jaw dropping shots, there have also been plenty comments criticising her, and saying she's nuts.

Some choice examples include:

A very bad example for the youth.

This is so dumb, I have no words for it. Seems like some 11 year olds want to get attention at all costs.

Crazy! Looks like god gave you beauty, but seems like he forgot to grace you with a brain.


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It goes without saying, but don’t try this at home, kids.


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