The story behind the first refugee camp on Twitter

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Naserddine Touaibia works in Zaatari, the Jordan based camp that is home to 81,000 Syrian refugees. As part of her role, the UNHCR worker helps run the camp’s Twitter account.

Speaking to, Touaibia said the camp was the first to have a presence on the social media site after joining in October 2013, adding that it helped to remind people of the ongoing crisis with Syrian refugees.


"The camp is the tip of the iceberg. There are more than three million Syrian refugees. We need to keep reminding people of the ongoing tragedy in Syria because as years go by people tend to think that the situation is calm and back to normal. But the conflict is there and refugees are still in exile and as such they still need everyone's involvement to help them and that's why we need to be raising awareness about this particular conflict constantly."

Touaibia went on: "It's the biggest human displacement since World War II."

As for the account itself, it aims to reflect the life of the refugees in the camp. "Zaatari is a unique camp for many reasons", Touaibia says.

Firstly more than 90 per cent of its population is connected to electricity, which allows its inhabitants access to the news. The camp also has a market with more than 3,000 shops.

"The Twitter account aims to reflect the life of refugees in Zaatari", Touaibia says. "And what we do to help them and how our refugees are responding to their new life."

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