The Sun has also got around to telling its readers what Brexit will mean, and they are not happy

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You might remember The Sun's headline mere days before the EU referendum.


Rupert Murdoch's paper wholeheartedly endorsed Brexit, and the paper, which has only backed winning campaigns for decades, urged its readers to vote Leave.

However post-referendum is a completely different story.

A sombre article about the impact on personal finances appeared on the Sun's website after the results came out, and there may have been some back-peddling involved:


The article claimed the following consequences of the UK leaving the EU:

1. Inflation is likely to rise

2. The cost of an average family holiday will rise

3. Accommodation abroad will cost more

4. Beer prices will go up

5. EU caps on international calls will no longer apply, so it’ll cost much more to make calls in Europe

6. Unemployment will rise and wages will fall by up to four per cent

7. Mortgages prices will rise

8. Rates of taxation will increase

9. Benefit payments may be slashed

Sun readers, seemingly in a dream up to this point, had the equivalent of a jug of ice-cold water thrown at them.

And they're not just awake. They’re angry:




But it was this comment that rang true...


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