These are the 10 most attractive names when it comes to online dating

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A new survey has found that if your name is James or Sarah you could well be in luck the next time you go online dating.

According to research from Happn, a hyperlocal dating app, these are the 10 most popular names for online daters in London:


1. James

2. Richard

3. Tom

4. Will

5. Sam

6. Ben

7. Alex

8. David

9. Adam

10. Chris


1. Sarah

2. Sophie

3. Laura

4. Charlotte

5. Jessica

6. Emma

7. Emily

8. Katie

9. Lucy

10. Anna

Meanwhile, these are the most attractive occupations to hold in the capital:


1. Entrepreneur

2. Lawyer

3. Designer

4. Architect

5. Property developer

6. Strategic consultant

7. Advertising manager

8. Broker

9. Consultant

10. Creative director


1. Marketing manager

2. Lawyer

3. PR executive

4. Teacher

5. Designer

6. Personal assistant

7. Consultant

8. Finance

9. Interior designer

10. Journalist

Happn, which says it has 1.4m users in its worldwide database, used a formula to ensure that each name and occupation was given a "neutral base for comparison" in its survey (i.e. the most common don't necessarily appear at the top).

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